Virgin Bhanupriya Review Zee5: Zee5 original, Urvashi Rautela starer Virgin Bhanupriya is now released on Zee5, as expected the movie is absolute crap, here we are going to review the movie, we would also take about performances, dialogues and watch guide of the film.

The movie stars Urvashi Rautela, Archana Puran Singh (Kapil Sharma fame), Gautam Gulati (Bigg Boss), and talented actor like Rajiv Gupta (Jolly LLB), the movie is produced by Shreyans Mahendra and directed by Ajay Lohan.

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Virgin Bhanupriya Review

  • Name Of The Movie: Virgin Bhanupriya
  • Star Cast – Urvashi Rautela, Gautam Gulati
  • Release Date – 16th July 2020
  • Platform – Zee5
  • Run Time – 2 Hours
  • Rating – 1/5
  • Watch Guide – Don’t Watch with Parents or Kids
  • One Word Review – Crap
  • Recommended? – Never


How can anyone think about this, the story is bullshit, the story revolves around the Bhanu, played by Urvashi Rautela, she wants to lose her virginity but, each time she tries, she got disturbed by someone or the situations, the film is all about losing the virginity. seriously? , the dialogues are like a B Grade movie, the story has nothing to show you, I don’t know how producers approve this, after all the hindering situation finally Bhanu decided to get marry to lose her virginity, would she get what she wanted now or there is another twist in the tale, to know this you have to watch the 2 hours long movie on Zee5.


A talented actor like Rajiv Gupta and playing as the father of Bhanu and tries all his best to make us laugh with shitty Whatsapp jokes and shayaris but he fails, Rumana Molla playing the role of Rakul friend also tries to look modern and classy by using abusive words after each frame, but she fails too. Gautam Gulati never impresses you in the whole movie and the same is with the Urvashi Rautela, the movie pure disaster in terms of performances.

Screenplay and Editing

I don’t know if makers even know about the screenplay, the movie is clear cut and very open, the upcoming events are predictable and there is nothing like suspense in the movie, the movie is edited very badly and its a 2-hour long nonsense drama that needed to be ignored, the is titled as a comedy movie, but there is not a single comedy in the film, except few Whatsapp jokes.


We are going with the 1 out of 5 stars for the movie, there is nothing in the movie that you can watch for, No comedy, No Bold scenes, No Action, No Thrill and No Suspense, the movie is pure crap and needed to be avoided, if you still want to watch it, You can tune to Zee5 platform, the movie is of total 2 hours, once again a reminder, the movie has some double meaning words and few abusive words, so please don’t watch it in front of your parents or small Kids.

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