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Undekhi SonyLiv Review: It’s A Masterpiece Thriller

Undekhi SonyLiv Review: I just finished the series at 12:30 and I can’t stop myself from writing this review at midnight, here we are going to review the Song Liv original crime thriller webs series, we are going to discuss all aspects from the series like star cast, watching guide, rating and all.

The series stars Diveyandu Bhattacharya as DSP, Harsh Chaya, Abhishek Chauhan (Cubicles Fame), Apoorva Soni, Apeksha Porwal and many others, the series is directed by Anish R Shukla, let’ Review the series.

Undekhi Review

  • Name Of The Series – Undekhi
  • No. Of Episodes – 10
  • Season – 1
  • Platform – SonyLiv
  • Language – Hindi
  • Release Date – 13th July 2020
  • Duration – 30-35 Minutes (Each episode)
  • Cast – Diveyandu Bhattacharya, Abhishek Chauhan
  • Rating – 4/5
  • Watch Guide – A-Rated (Not For Kids and Family)
  • One Word Review – Masterpiece
  • Recommended? – Yes

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The story starts from the Sunderban West Bengal, A police cop was murdered by two tribal girls in Sunderbans, DSP Ghosh (played by Diveyndu) starts investigating the case and he came to know that, those girls were in Manali for the Dance Function in the marriage of Atwal Family elder son, while dancing at the marriage, one of girl Kanak got shot dead by Grooms Father, Rishi (played by Abhishek Chauhan) recorded the whole incident in camera and he decided to go to the police, but the Atwal family have very high connections and they got to know that Rishi has some proofs,  A goon from Atwal family Rinku, decide ko Shoot Rishi and that other girl, but somehow they (Rishi and Girl) manages to escape from Rinku’s Hand.

DSP Ghos also involved the murder case of the girl, with all the powerful connections all around, can Rishi get justice is done or he would fall into a dangerous situation, to know that you have to watch the series of 10 episodes.


The best thing about the series is an amazing performance from the star cast, everyone each and everyone from the series has done extremely well, Diveyndu Bhattacharya is excellent as always, Abhishek Chauhan is TVF product, we can doubt him from an acting point of view, Rinku played by Surya Sharma, he is just mindblowing in a negative role, it suits him, everyone fit in each and every frame from the series, the series is the perfect combo of great performances with awesome expressions.

Screenplay And Editing

The screenplay of the series is very catchy and engaging, it keeps you on the seat till the last episodes, editing of the series is a little bit poor, there are few useless scenes and lots of abusive words in the series, that could be reduced, the series goes slow in the middle, the story can be wrapped under 8 episodes, I also didn’t like the ending, it could be made more thrilling and gripping, but still the series passes all the tests.


We are going with 4 out of 5 stars for the series, the series is very well crafted, little lengthy but deserves your time, the scenes are awesome, it would remind you of Commando (Vidyut Jammwal), the performances are great and this one is must watch for you, Again a reminder, don’t watch it with Kids or Family, there are lots of abusive words and few bold scenes.

This was our Undekhi SonyLiv Review, what is our opinion about the series, please let us know in the comment section, for more posts like this on web and digital content, stay tuned with us.

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