Dangerous Lies Netflix Ending Explained : Camila Mendes starer dangerous lies a Netflix original film released on 30th April 2020, while some of you enjoyed that , for many of them , it ends with the confusion, most people are asking about the ending of the series , what happens to the diamonds ?, who was Julia Byron-Kim ? , was Adam was killer ? , who killed Leonnard and many more , here is post with all the answers.

Who Killed Leonard ?

The Leonard was killed Mickey Hayden, he was not broker or property agent , but he was involved in diamonds robbery along with the man , whose bod was found on the floor of garage, he killed Leonard because he wanted that diamonds and he knows that they were in the house of Leonard , and by joining with Jullia , they made a plan , Mickey Hayden killed Leonard with the drug overdose, as during last 20 minutes , Katie found the medicine of the green bottle is completely empty.

Who was Julia Byron-Kim ?

Julia Byron Kim was an lawyer but she was partner is crime of Mickey Hayden , 3 years back when the robbery happens , they decided to got the money , but they failed , after they came to know that diamonds are in the house , they trap the Katie and Adam with the Fake Will that Leonard never made.

What Happens In The End Of Dangerous Lies ?

In the end katie understands that, Adam was innocent and he has nothing to do with the Killings of Leonard and other , She got Pregnant with him and now she lives in the Leonard house , 4 months later Police detective Chesler comes to her house to get to know about diamonds but she Katie said she don’t know about that. Later after the Chesler leaves we saw the diamonds in the Garden when water falls over it.

Although movie story ends well , but still there are few question that were left answered like , Who Killed that Diamond Thief , who body was found above garage ? , What carvin was doing there in the house of Leonard when he slipped from stairs , who was the man who called Adam to come to police and station , these are the questions , which are still unknown and left the makers for the public to think .

What is your opinion about it ? can you answer above questions ? if yes please let us know in comment section , also tell us , you review of this movie in comment section.

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