Breathe Season 2 Review Into The Shadows: Abhishek Bacchan and Nithya Menon started, Much awaited Breathe Season 2 Into The Shadows is now released on Amazon Prime Video here we are going to review the series and would guide you, you should watch it or not.

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The series is a mystery crime thriller, that also stars Amit Sadh and Palbita Borthakur, the series is of total 12 epsidoes, all episodes are of 40-45 minutes long, here we are going to review the series from all aspects one by One.

Breathe Into The Shadows Review

  • Name Of The Series – Breathe
  • Season – 2
  • No. Of Episodes – 12
  • Duration – 40-45 Minutes (Each episode)
  • Star Cast – Abhishek Bachchan, Amit Sadh, Nitya Menon & More
  • Release Date – 9th July 2020
  • Rating – 3.5
  • Watch Guide – Can Be Watched With Parents (1-2 scenes A Rated)
  • One Word Review – Gripping


The story revolves around the Kidnapping of a small girl Siya, the Kidnappers asks for some favors in return of Siya, Parents of Siya (Avinash Sabarwal and Abha Sabrwal played by Abhishek Bacchan and Nitya Menon), fulfill the demand of the Kidnapper and in all between these, they fall into his trap, Avinash does few murderers for return of daughter, Kabir Swant played by Amit Sadh, starts investigating the murders done by Avinash. In all between these Avinash found himself stuck, he now has to save himself from investigation and also save her daughter from the Kidnapper.

With each passing episode, you would get a lot of twists and turns, that would make the series interesting, who was kidnapped? what did he want by doing all this stuff, to know this, You have to watch the series.


I love the Nitya Menon, she is just awesome in her role, Abhishek Bacchan is back with some serious role and intense acting, we can see the Guru movie feel from the acting of him, Amit Sadh is just mindblowing, his body transformation is just beyond imaginable, there are few comic roles played by Hrishikesh Joshi ( as a police Cop), I am loving him and I am sure, You all would love it. All the actors were up to the mark, I really found Siya very cute and you would love her too, the overall series has great actors on the bundle.

Screenplay & Editing

The series started very well and was at a good pace, in the middle the series goes little slow but it’s still fine, the screenplay looks good and looks like it would end with some great twits, the episodes are getting tense after each episode and they would force you to watch another one, for few people the series may seem very slow but it would be worth waiting for the climax. There are two climaxes for the series as per I see, one is in the middle and one is at the final episode.


We are going with the 3.5 out of 5 for the series, don’t raise many expectations from the series, the season was better than this, but this one is not bad either, this is a one-time watch, initially it goes fast, then becomes slow and then it took bullet speed in last few episodes, in the middle it was little slow, the series is of total 12 episodes and now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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