Tyler in ‘The Menu’: Tyler is one of the supporting characters from The Menu film. Tyler is a young man, who wants to meet chef Slowik no matter what he does. He also wants to become one of the members of Chef Slowik’s cooking team. Tyler is a nerd, who doesn’t care whatever happens in that restaurant. Tyler’s girlfriend is Margot.

Who Played Tyler in The Menu?

English actor Nicholas Hoult played the supporting role of Tyler in The Menu.

Who is Nicholas Hoult?

Nicholas Hoult is an English actor, Nicholas start his acting career at the age of 5 with the feature film Intimate Relations (1996), Then he got the film About a boy (2006) which becomes a hit film at that time and Hoult got presses for his performance. Hoult never thinks of acting as a career, He does it as a Hobby.

He got a chance to act in the Skin Television series that won the BAFTA Television Series award after Skin Hoult rethought his decision and left his school to become a full-time actor.

He was seen in The X-Men Reboot franchise, Those who wish me Dead, Wah Wah, A single man, and Upcoming Nicholas Cage’s RENFIELD, and more.



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