Tooth Pari When Love Bites Episode 2: In episode 1, We got the Introductions of Rumi and Roy. We also get to see that Rumi has Lost her teeth and now she is looking for a dentist to fix her teeth. In all between these, She gets to know about Roy and episode 1 ended there.

We are covering the episode-wise Recap for the Netflix original show Tooth Pari and here goes the episode 2 Recap and Ending Explanation of the show. You can also check the Episode 1 Recap of the show for a better understanding.

The next episode starts with a police inspector investigating the case. When his father sees the broken piece of teeth, he is shocked to recognize it. The police inspector has a wound on his leg due to that tooth, and it is getting worse with each passing day.

On the other hand, when Rumi tells her friend David about Roy’s blood, David says he also wants to taste it. So Rumi visits Roy’s clinic again to take his blood for David. She manages to get it without any issues. When Rumi’s friend David and his wife Meera taste the blood, they realize that the blood Rumi brought is fresh and still virgin.

Now, they also want his blood, and Meera and David assign Sreela to get it. Rumi realizes that Roy may be killed because of her, so she visits his clinic and takes him from there to an old theatre.

On the other hand, Sreela reaches Roy’s clinic, but he is not there. Instead, Sreela is caught by a lady named Luna Luka, who is an expert in vampires and all activities related to them. She immediately recognizes that Sreela is a vampire, and they are getting a good supply of blood. A fight happens between Sreela and Luna Luka, and Luna kills Sreela with her powers and weapons.

Episode 2 ends here. Now it will be interesting to see How Luna Luka and her team will find the Vampires and how they will deal with the. What is your take on the show?, Please let us know in the Comments.



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