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Tooth Pari Episode 3: Recap & Ending Explained | When Love Bites

Netflix’s original 8 episodic  Thriller show Tooth Pari is doing good till now. We are covering the episode-wise recap for the show and here goes the Recap and Ending Explanation of Episode 3 of the show.

If you haven’t read the Episode 1 and Episode 2 recap, You can also Read these for a better understanding. The show has a total of 8 episodes and as I said, Here goes episode 3 Recap, Review, and Ending Explanation.

Episode 3 starts in the underground tunnel where all vampires were living. They received a parcel in which Sreela’s head was kept, leading to the awakening of Ora, the head of all vampires living there. After the incident, Ora orders the manhole to be blocked for everyone’s safety.

Meera and Dev believe that ‘Roy’ is also a part of the Cuthmandu team and knows everything about Rumi. However, Rumi denies this and says she was with Roy when Sreela was killed. Meanwhile, the police continue their investigation of the case and find the half-burnt body of Sreela. Inspector Paul sends it for genome sequencing to get an idea of Sreela’s age.

Rumi and Roy meet again, and Rumi takes Roy to her old house where we see a flashback of Rumi’s life. We get to know that Rumi’s boyfriend left her after she became pregnant.

On the other hand, we see Lady Luka making her team of old members to fight against the vampires. Deb is also planning his own game to prevent vampires from coming out of the manhole. He asks Amar about it, and Amar gives a hint that Rumi is the one who goes outside frequently.

Rumi visits the police station to file a complaint against those who attacked Roy’s hospital. Inspector Paul accompanies Rumi to Roy’s clinic, takes the CCTV footage for further investigation, and shows his leg wound to Roy. He asks if Roy can do anything to heal it and tells him that it was due to the teeth he found at the party where the man was attacked.

Inspector Paul visits the hospital to see the man who was attacked that night by Rumi. Upon reaching the hospital, he finds that the man has transformed into a vampire and attacks him. A shadow-like structure arrives and saves Paul from the attack, and the episode ends here.



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