Time Switch Tv Series Season 2 : Time Switch Is A Recently Released Brazilian Sci-fi Time Travel Series This Show Is Also Known As Dois Tempos (Brazilian Title) The Show Is Not Doing Well At The OTT Platform The Reviews are negative For This Show.

Now Talking About the second season;

It is confirmed that season 2 won’t come because the story got ended in the first season Only. The Reasons behind the second season is not coming first of all There are so many negative reviews for the show And The IMDb Rating Stands at 4.1/10 Another Critic Rated This Show As 6/10 Which is below average So Don’t Expect A New Season Because That Won’t Be Possible.

In Future If makers Plans for the season 2. We will update the news. Even if the season 2 happens, You can not expect it before 2024.

The Cast Of The Show Is Mari Oliveira,Sol Menezzes,Martha Nowill and Leonardo Bianchi in the main lead roles, The show also stars Paulo Rocha,Dadá Coelhero,Nicolas Ahnert,Luíza Nery,Tulio Starling And Letrux In Key Roles.



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    • I liked time switch alot. At first it was a little hard to follow ,but soon I felt myself engulfed in the story. If this was truly the ending I’m disappointed.

  1. Lorna Spradley on

    I really liked it too. I am very sad that they are just leaving this show with such a cliff hanger. I see nothing but good reviews.

  2. I loved Time Switch and I don’t understand why they would not continue to a second season because of the ending of the first. Why do all of the best shows get cancelled. I was amazed by the entire season. This is wrong.

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