Tierra Incognita Season 2 Release Date: Tierra Incognita Is A Spanish mystery Horror Thriller Drama Crime Show Which Is Available To Watch On Disney+Hotstar In India And Outside India, It Is Available To Watch On Disney+.

This Series Premiered On Disney+ Day 8th September 2022 With 8 Episodes This Series Was Having A Great Buzz After Completing This Great Thriller Show Fans Wanted More after that ending.

To All The Fans Who Wanted Season 2 Of This Series We’re Going to tell you something very big about the Second Season.

Tierra Incognita Just Streamed Recently On Disney+Hostar Makers It will definitely come back with a second season also. You can expect the announcement By The Year End Or On Next Disney+ Day. This Second Season will premiere By The Second Quarter Of 2024.

Although the official announcement is yet to be made by the makers, We will let you know if there is any update about it. The IMDB ratings stand at 7.8/10.

Are You Excited For The Second Season Tell Us In the Comments.



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  1. I mean why did you make season 1 if you were not going to continue. Just like Mystery at Sulfer Creek. I’m an adult who enjoyed watching with my grandson.

    • Yeah,now it’s like we have to wait so very long and then once we’re done watching the second season,we will have to wait a couple more if there’s a third season!!! Just come out with it in 2023!!

  2. This is the stupidest thing ever. Dont bother filming a tv show if the next season isnt till 3 years later. I wont stand for this stupidity. It shouldnt take 3 years to film a season. I am livid.

    • Yeah me too it sucks that we have to wait three years.I just want to watch this show and not have to wait soooo long!!!

  3. OMG that’s crazy 😧 who does that 3 years is way to long people loose interest waiting that long way to tank your series very sad it was good to 😢

  4. Waiting 3 years for a second season is ridiculous. Most shows only make you wait a year max which is understandable. If you’re going to wait 3 years you’re going to tank your show. Everyone is going to forget and lose interest. Especially leaving it off how you did that was ridiculous.

  5. Well I am upset too but to be fair it does take a lot of editing and they need to practice their lines and get the actions right

  6. It’s probably taking long because the actors might be in other series or may be in school. I don’t think they need “time to gather funds” either. Disney has the money and plenty of employees. Maybe a lot of new disney movies are in the works bigger than this disney plus series requiring staff to be pulled from everywhere.

  7. Granny Sweet Tea on

    They can’t wait that long between seasons with a young cast. People in their teens and early 20s can change too much in a short time for them to risk messing up the show’s continuity, so Disney is highly unlikely to allow it to go beyond next year. I haven’t seen the ending yet but love watching with my grandson.

  8. Why they making it until 2025 they lose all interest in the show then they go to watch other shows and when 2025 comes around they probably don’t even have anymore good stuff to put in the show like I can make up a good story in 5 minutes make sense bro.

  9. As long as they make it worth the wait! I am 40 years old lol and hope they take the time to make the next season worth it and please don’t turn it weird and drag it on! TTFN

    • I just finished the first season and now I’m bummed out!! I want to know what happened to the monster,the brother and all the friends!?!

  10. in is not coming on disney+ in 2025 it is coming in 2024
    and release date is September 8 that is the right year it is coming out.

  11. I absolutely hated that ending, ridiculous. By the time 2nd season comes out, everyone will have lost interest. Very poor planning.

  12. This is the worse, 3 years to wait???? Don’t even bother coming back, we are all going to forgot about this season.

  13. bro, they losing views making people wait that long.
    And the ending of season 1–
    Like I ain’t even going to bother watching the 2nd season.

  14. I’m can’t stop watching the first season over and over but I’m worried because it’s posted on Disney+ 2022-2023 like if it’s been canceled or something and I’m totally invested on this show.

  15. Disney plus Tierra incognito series 2 . is showing, BUT I can not get it in english. WHY. I don’t want to be left hanging if Were not going to show it why on.

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