The Woods Season 1 Netflix

The Woods Season 1 Netflix

The Woods Season 1 Netflix – Well it looks like Netflix is all set to make of lockdown better, they are releasing back to back series and trailer and looks like they are ready of this long lockdown, there are lots of many shows and series coming and releasing on Netflix, few original films, musical drama’s like The Eddy, Teen Dramas like Never Have I Ever and many here, now in June they are coming with another brand new series titled as The Woods.

About the show

The Netflix original is based on Harlan Coben’s novel of the same name. Set in Summer 1994. The series revolves around a man who is a prosecutor now but has faced a serious setback in his life. What happened in 94′ summer holidays still terrifies him . 4 people went into the forest,BUT ( yes there’s a but of course :-P) no one came back ( yeah I know this is starting to get warmer ;-)).

Well, 2 people came back but they were dead:-!. The police discover their body a few days later. The take in the story is that one of the people who died was the sister of the main character – Pawel Kopinski. He has not been able to digest and figure out his sister’s death and has only one goal in mind which is to search about that summer afternoon and what happened that day.

Just a note
Netflix surely loves the forest and people disappearing into it

The Woods Season 1 Netflix Star cast

The season 1 of the series stars Victor Debski, Pawel Gabor, Marcin Lipski, Grzegorz Damiecki, Agnieszka Growchowska, Wiktoria Filus, Hubert Milkowski and many more in the more detaile .

The Woods Season 1 Trailer

Netflix released the official trailer a few days ago. In the trailer we see that the main character as a child faces a trauma in the face of her sister’s mysterious death. This incident haunts him 25 years later till the present day. He has set one goal in mind to find out what happened to the four people who went into the woods that day. He is set to find the mystery and for that he’ll do anything and go to any limits to find out the truth.

if you have not seen the official trailer, have a look at the trailer of The Woods.

Seems like after Dark, The end of ….ing world, forest and teenagers has been the hit formula for Netflix and they are going to cash it in every time.

The Woods Season 1

Season 1 of this thriller is all set to release on Netflix from 12th June 2020 worldwide, all users over the world can watch the series after its digital release. The series is expected to have 9-10 episodes of 45-50 minutes each.

Final words

Well for what’s it worth, the premise and trailer of the show have been positively received and since it is based on the best seller novel the show has already garnered much attention. We hope it’s another hit for Netflix and entertains people.

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