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Inhuman Resources Season 2

Inhuman Resources Season 2 – Derapages, Netflix recently release inhuman resources season 1 shows the dark reality of the corporate world and mafias, the season 1 of the series was ver compelling and thrilling with some great piece of acting and story and now the audiences are waiting for its another season, here is the post we are going to tell you about the release date, star cast and expected plot of the season 2 of Netflix original Inhuman Resources.

Is Season 2 coming?

Although there is no official information about that, the way series ended the chances are very high that we are going to get another season, we know it is too early to say it, but we can expect the official announcement very soon.

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Inhuman Resources Season 2 Release Date

The season 2 of the series is expected to release on Netflix in 2022 or after that, the script and other production work yet to be done and by looking at current situations it looks very tough, we have to wait for the things to get normal and then only we can get the clear figures, as per today, we can’t expect another season before 2022.

Inhuman Resources Season 2 Star Cast

The lead character of the series Alain Delambre is surely coming back If another season happens, the makers would also renew Nicole Delambre played by Suzanne Clément and Alexandre Dorfmann if the season 2 happens, many more new faces may be included if the plot demands, the clear updates about cast would be only available after the official renew announcement of the season.

Inhuman Resources Season 2 Plot

After all the mess that happens in season in the life of Alain, we can see him rebuilding his normal life again and there may be new difficulties coming and we may saw completely different drama from the season 1, although there is nothing much left after season 1, still, there are chances at few places for the new and refreshing season, if audiences and critics love this series.

What is your opinion about the season 1 of the series, should makers come back with another season, please let us know in the comment section, for more updates on digital and web content stay tuned with us.


  1. Absolutely brilliant story line kept my husband &I on tender hooks throughout .Brilliant acting from Eric Cantona
    Hope there will be a season 2

  2. Magnefique series! I think I am fluent French now. All jokes aside great storyline and Eric cantona take a bow son. A season 2 must happen!! I think the Voldemort looking guy has something to speak to alain about

  3. Please follow up asap with a season 2 for this brilliant French series ! Cantonna as a strong man with real human values and code of honor remind me of the wonderful actor Lino Ventura.

  4. Spellbound by the plot and brilliant acting of the characters. Can’t imagine being left without following Cantonna for another season.


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