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Alert Episode 2 Recap, Review, Summary | Fox

Alert Episode 2 Recap, Review, Summary:”Alert: Missing Person’s Unit” is a Fox police procedural suspense drama series that follows two police officers, Jason and Nikki, as they try to solve a missing person’s case while dealing with family issues.

In this article, we are going to recap along with the ending explanation of episode 2, “Hugo,” which follows the story of a boy who is kidnapped and then killed badly, as we see in this episode, and how they are able to find all the details.


Episode 2 begins when we see a mother getting ready and going to the restaurant, where she abducts a boy, hits him with a bat beside the restaurant, and takes him to some other place. On the other side, we see that Jason and June are getting live footage of a woman from her TV, where Jason, with the help of Nikki, starts collecting the details.

When we discover that the victim’s face has been forcibly injured, as well as the fact that his body has been fully blooded, one of the members recognizes the victim. Aside from that, we see that they were able to get clear images of her face using high technology, and through her face, they were able to find out that he is Hugo Mendez, where Nikki finds his brother, who confirms that his brother Hugo works as a server at a burger restaurant.

The scene shifts to their family issue, where we find Sidney still not behaving properly and being rude to her sister, where we have already seen that he has been kidnapped for a long time and that it takes time to get proper after such a tragedy. We also see that, while investigating, they discover that the abductor is a female named Molly.

Further investigation reveals that she lost her son, Asher, a few months ago, and that the cause of his death was a drug overdose; they also discover that she kidnaps Hugo after discovering the details that he gave all the drugs to her son and that she tortures him severely until he tells the name of the supplier who sells the drugs; and that she goes to that restaurant, where she discovers that on order number 15, you get drugs.

ENDING: Is Keith someone else?

In the final scene, we see that after he returned, he behaved strangely, where Jason and Nikki are still happy about their son’s return but discover that before the kidnapping, he was left-handed but now he is right-handed, and where Sidney notices something strange but her parents dismiss it, saying that he simply needs time to recover from the kidnapping.

We see Sidney call Quinn and tell him about her brother’s problem; she also believes that this person is not her brother Keith and tells him that her parents did not believe her, as we will see in the next episode.

This is the recap and conclusion of Episode 2, in which we see another case being solved while also seeing a family issue, and it also illuminates society’s truth about the drug problem.

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