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The Way Home Episode 4: Recap, Summary & Ending Explained

The Way Home Episode 4: HALLMARK’s New Original Series titled “The Way Home” after debuting has released its second episode titled “What’s My Age Again?” that starts itself off with the moment Kat follows Alice to the pond and gets transported to the past and what she sees and experiences along with the repercussions her disappearance has for the present world, not that but also for other people as we delve more into their stories.

If you’re interested in what happened in Episode 4, here’s the recap of the Episode.

Recap & Summary

After Kat follows Alice to the pond and she sees Alice jump into it and not come back up again, she also jumps in which transports her back in time, specifically 1999 where she finds Alice and younger Kat singing together in the field as Kat asks Alice about Nick and their first kiss and also informs her about Brady coming to town to officially meet her parents. Alice is super excited as she wants to see her parent’s love story starting and she is very excited for her but in the present life, whenever she asks Elliot about her father, he brushes off that question leaving Alice more in confusion and excitement than she keeps asking and even to her own father.

Kat finds herself wandering in 1999 and as she sees Alice who jumps back into the pond, as she starts to follow her back, Kat hears Jacob’s sound and she follows him to their old where she finds her father Colton and the family eating dinner together. This turns her into reminiscing about the past and old memories as she cannot control herself and starts to cry until Colton catches her and she rushes back to the pond apologizing.

As Kat is back in the present, she has had a lot of thought overnight and tries to talk to Alice to stay with her for the day and talk as they go to the Local Lobster Festival Alice forcibly agrees but ditches her after Elliott comes there. Kat then meets Andy, the local doctor to whom she gave her number a couple of days ago and she hasn’t gotten a call from him.

The Ending

The two talks and Kat ends up telling him about her life right now and the mess it is and Andy ends up kissing her. As both of them have had a little too much to drink, they end up making out and instantly the next day, Kat is embarrassed about it even happening. Meanwhile, Del has been taking care of everything in the house as the other two women are clumsy and leave havoc in the house as they leave.

Del has her own things to sort and wants the both of them to pick up after themselves which is too much to ask from these two. The cow on the farm called Old Missy which was gifted to Del by Colton has given a number of offspring and is currently going for fourth Del wants to be there for her as Old Missy has gotten old and cannot handle labor, She asks the local vet Andy to come and check on Old Missy where Kat and Andy have an awkward meeting.

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Alice who is super excited to see her father in his younger days and wants to see how her parent’s love story started, turns out that her father was a jerk at that time and there are more than one scenarios to prove that.

As Old Missy goes into labor and no one is there to help Del who cannot do it alone, she calls Elliott to help her and he helps her in delivering a healthy calf. Elliott is later confronted by Kat who is angry that he has been keeping this secret away from her and she can take care of her own family to which Elliott gets angry that while she has been visiting the past, she’s been ignoring the present and her own mother.

She thanks Elliott along with her mother for all his presence. As the Episode comes to an end, we see the present Brady coming to Port Haven surprising Kat saying that he missed Alice so he took the first flight and came there.

Episode 4 is currently streaming on Peacock.



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