Victim Sonyliv Review: Full Of Thrill, Suspense & Shocking Events

Victim Sonyliv Review

Victim Who Is Next Sonyliv Review: Sony liv has recently announced its slate of Tamil Content and has released Meme boys in the month of July. The second content for this lineup is released today and is streaming now with 4 episodes and multiple languages along with Hindi on sony liv.

As it is an anthology series I am going to give an overview of all its episodes and an overall overview with ratings. The series stars Nasser, Thambi Ramaiah, Natrajan Subramaniam, Priya Bhavani Shankar, Kalairasan, Prasanna, Amala Paul, and others in various episodes of this anthology series.

The first episode starts with a small girl questioning her father about the existence of god. His father is plowing his patch of agricultural land for crops and suddenly something happens that will shock you. How the situation turns into a chaotic one suddenly for this you have to watch the episode. I am not going to spoil much about it. Talking about the performance both the characters of father and daughter played well and the scenes of the village fight is also shown well.

The second episode stars Nasser & Guru Somanasundaram in the lead roles. It is from the times of covid when the nation is under lockdown and many people have lost their job and living alone in metro cities outside home. A sub-editor tries his best to avoid being laid off and decides to impress his editor with a special interview of a godman “Terrace Baba” and starts his research on it and suddenly mysterious things start happening in his life.

Will he be able to meet the godman who has been living for centuries and has last made his appearance in 1970 and what more the story unfolds you have to watch the episode? The end climax with multiple twists is the best part of it.

The third episode stars Priya Bhavani Shankar & Kalairasan in the lead role .It starts with a girl who landed in Chennai to visit a place called “ECR Heritage Villa” due to some official work and is booked by her company for an overnight stay. As soon as she enters the villa she begins to realize strange things happening around her.

The manager informs her about an incident that had taken place a few months ago in the villa due to which a guest doesn’t come into the villa for the last 6 months. What incident was the manager of the villa talking about and what mysterious and strange things unfold next as she stays in the villa is what the story revolves? The series has certain spooky, horror and jumpscare element in it.

The fourth episode stars Amala Paul, Krish & Prasanna in the lead role and is directed by Venkat Prabhu. The series starts with a woman played by Amala in her early thirties returning home from work and living alone in her flat.

Her husband lives abroad in London. As she is ready for bed she receives a series of phone calls with the last one coming from a sniper aimed at her and demanding her confession on something. Who wants to kill her and what is the confession is what the story is about. This episode has a certain amount of thrill in it and will keep your hooked.

The series is about four different people who fall victim to their situation and must face the consequence of their actions. The overall series is decent and especially the second and third episode is worth watching.

The second and third episode is my favorite due to their end twist which is quite unexpected. The spooky and horror element of episode two is also great. The fourth episode’s end twist is also shocking. I find all the episodes of this series a good watch.

After considering all the factors and episodes I am going with an overall rating of 3 for the series “Victim”. Since it’s an anthology series each episode is unique and you can watch the series in any order you want.

Rating: 3/5

That’s all for our Victim Sonyliv Review, Do let us know how you feel after watching the series

Victim Sonyliv Review
Story & Execution
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victim-sonyliv-review-full-of-thrill-suspense-shocking-eventsAfter considering all the factors and episodes I am going with an overall rating of 3 for the series "Victim". Since it's an anthology series each episode is unique and you can watch the series in any order you want.


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