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The Tailor (Terzi) Episode 2 Recap and Explained

The Tailor Episode 2 Recap and Explained: Turkish Drama series Terzi aka The Tailor which was released a few days back is doing decent on the platform. We are covering the Episode wise recap of the show and You can check the Episode 1 Recap of Tailor. Here goes the Episode 2 Recap of the show.

In Episode 2, we get to see a twist in the tale. Esvet, the bride of Damitri, is now at Peyami’s home and asks him to give her a job as a caretaker for his father, Mustafa. As Peyami had never seen her before, he keeps Esvet on the job as the caretaker for his father.

There are some clauses before joining the job as the caretaker. She can’t use the phone, and she has to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

Esvet soon becomes familiar and friendly with Mustafa, and Peyami is happy to see this. On the other hand, Damitri’s family is looking for her. Damitri has gone mad and started breaking things in his room.

Peyami’s grandmother is worried about the caretaker and asks Peyami to get more information about her, but Peyami is happy with the caretaker. Peyami’s grandmother asks Peyami to tell Esvet that she has to marry Mustafa as per the agreement, but Peyami denies this, saying that it’s not needed. Meanwhile, we also get to see the flashback story of Esvet, where we learn that she was an orphan and an adopted daughter.

In the next sequence, we see Peyami’s grandmother explaining the rules to Esvet. In another flashback, we see Esvet’s childhood, where we learn that she also has a mentally challenged brother. Dimitri tells Peyami that Esvet has left him, and Peyami asks if anything happened between them. Damitri confesses that he hurt Esvet. Peyami is still unaware that Esvet is working in his house.

In the next frame, we see Peyami working in his home office, and Esvet arrives there. She tells Peyami that she is not going to marry Mustafa, and Peyami agrees with her. When Esvet is about to leave, Peyami asks her to try the dress that he designed for her. Esvet gets nervous after looking at the wedding dress, and the episode ends here.


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