The Swarm Is An Recently Released German Sci-fi Television Drama Series That is available to stream With 8 Episodes On OTT Platform ZDF This Series Is Available On Platforms Like RAI, France Televisions Viaplay, Movistar, ORF, SRF, and Hulu Japan Also.

This Show Is Released In Multiple Languages In fact This Show Was Shooted Simontenoulsy In Multiple Languages Which Includes English, German, French, Dutch, Swedish, And Japanese Languages. our reports suggest that This Show is one of the high-budget Television Drama Series.

Now Talking About the second season of The Swarm;

The IMDb Rating Of The Show Stands at 5.2/10 and which is very average Show was Shooted In Multiple Languages And The Budget Was Also Huge After that Also Response Is Average so makers won’t think Of another season very soon If the Renewal Happens We’ll Keep You Updated But There is no any news till now You can expect it By 2024.



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  1. It’s been awhile since a show has kept me interested! If there is no season 2 it would be a big mistake! Concept of show is fascinating!

  2. Deborah McIntyre on

    This show is worthy of a second season
    Its been a long time since I”ve seen such an original Show.
    There is so much potential for this a series.
    I’ll definitely be recommending this series.
    Absolutely deserves a season 2.

  3. You can`t leave me hanging high and dry. You`ve got my interest going. Now satisfy my need to see the answer to how they solve the problem. Pretty please.

  4. Briana Andrews on

    Watching from the US I LOVE this show !! Was hard to tell if it was still going or if episode 8 was the finale, I’m definitely rooting for season 2! This was well thought out and a fresh idea

  5. Best original series I’ve watched in awhile, a must for season 2, a must to find out what the “beings” did to her in the end, “glowing eyes”, good sifi stuff, and if they fix what they did to the oceans, theres enough here to have two more seasons!!

  6. One of the best series to date that touches on very global events despite its sci-fi nature. But then again, many similar series in the past have found very real future scenarios come to life in a pre-dated ominously prophetic realities that have happen in modern day events. Although the base story seems unplausible, likely realities touch the core of such probabilities.

  7. nicholas lean on

    Excellent series, fresh, and compelling – touches on themes that have a resonance in today. Absolutely there should be another Season if not more.

  8. Fab show just binge watched the whole series and was entertained and intrigued throughout sci fi meets natural world!

  9. A great mini series which is deserving of a second season, please consider it.
    I watched all 8 episodes in 24 hours, had me totally hooked. 👏👌

  10. Amazing graphics, and a very scary plot…..too close to the truth, we humans destroy anything we touch. Absolutely MUST for a second series

  11. Definitely deserves a second season. Had me hooked from the first episode. It would be a travesty if they did not renew.

  12. Absolutely loved this series, watched all 8 episodes over two days. Totally deserves a second season 👍👍👍

  13. Season 2 is a must! We were fixated and binge watched. Great characters and acting. Sensational storyl8ne. More, more more.

  14. Pete Jackson on

    How did this show get an average score? How many people did they ask? Were they blindfolded and have their fingers in their ears? This show is one of most compelling I’ve watched so far this year. With an original story and very eerie music, it should have been rated a lot higher than just average. You only have read the previous comments to see that people loved the show. Besides, you can’t leave the show on a cliffhanger like that,what happens to the ship,what does Charlie do,does the Yrr destroy the earth. People want to know ??

  15. Excellent series, watched over 3 evenings, well made and original definitely needs a second series if only to answer the obvious questions

  16. Just binged the whole lot in 1 day. If there had been more episodes I would have watched those too. I really hope there is a 2nd season at least. Told my family about it, they too are going to watch it. Please please keep the story going. Its awesome viewing.

  17. Great series, really hope there‘s a second one! Storyline is so apt considering the damage we as a race are doing to the oceans. Bring it on!!

  18. This series kept me more engaged than most do. Although it is fine as a one off, I would really like there to be a second season. Its rating should be at least a 6.8.

  19. Great concept, reminds me a little of the film The Abyss, but much better as a series, grittier, more compelling and without doubt worthy of a second season. Basing the chances of a second season solely on the IMDB score is a little short sighted, especially as Rotten Toms gives it 79%.

    If it’s released to Netflix or alike it would gain more traction and most likely further investment.

    Fingers crossed!

  20. Great series really needs another 8 episodes at least you can’t leave it like that one of the best shows I have seen In yrs

  21. Very enjoyable show. I definitely wanna see a 2nd season. Let’s hope it’s not another cancel too soon situation, especially with the cliffhanger.

  22. Have not been so involved in a story since “The Expanse.” The series “Fortitude” also comes to mind. “The Swarm” is worth a second season. Thanks for the first.

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