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Murder Mystery 2 Movie Review | Netflix

Murder Mystery 2 Movie Review: The latest Mystery, Adventure, and Comedy movie Murder Mystery 2 is now streaming on Netflix in English languages with English Subtitles, The film is directed by Jeremy Garelick and the cast includes Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Mark Strong, and other stars.

The runtime of the movie is approx. 1.3 hours written by James Vanderbilt and the movie is rated PG-13, You can watch the film with Family. I just finished the Film and Here Goes The Review Of The Film.

The movie is about a detective couple Nick and Audrey who are thinking to switch careers because they are running low on money and are not so happy, in between this they were invited by their friend Maharaja to his lavish wedding, and during a ceremony, their friend got kidnapped and they not willing to do this but are now again pushed into a murder mystery is it really a murder or a kidnapping and who is behind this to know this you have to watch the movie.

Despite having great comedy and every joke landing the film feels like running a little fast at its own pace, as many characters felt like how they are linked with Maharaja and what are they doing here, the presence of these characters feels a little off the film, the twist and turn are not so promising as they don’t exist you and the ending is also very predictable.

But the performance by the cast is really good, especially by Jennifer Aniston who feels like defiantly made for this role the chemistry between her and her husband is also great throughout the movie, but they both couldn’t bring up the same performance as they have done in the first part of the film.

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The movie is left in the open end as we know that there will be a third part also, and hopefully, this will be great as this part feels like little boring and the twist and turns are also not engaging.

Overall if you are a fan of Jennifer Aniston (Actress from FRIENDS) you can watch this movie as her presence feel great and if you want to watch a light-hearted comedy movie you can also watch this otherwise you can skip this also as the movie becomes little predictable after watching for some time.

Rating: 3/10

So here is my rating and review for the movie ‘Murder Mystery 2’, if you have watched this movie on Netflix, you can tell us your favorite part in the comments below, and for more such content stay tuned with us.



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