The Rehearsal Renewed For Season 2 By HBO: HBO’s Original Docu-Comedy Drama led by the comedian and actor Nathan Fielder has come to the end of its first terms i.e., First Season recently with rave reviews for its unique and weirdly interesting social experiment concept but the thing is that it ended on a questionable note because of the experiment.

Nathan Fielder was trying to do in the whole show the prepare people and himself for their major life decisions and to be sure whether they can do it or not by rehearsing those situations first, but it seemed to have backfired in the last episode when a child actor who was playing Nathan’s son in the rehearsal actually got used to having Nathan as his father and that created a problem because when the term came to an end, the child was unable to let go of the father figure he had gotten in the rehearsal which led to many re-evaluations about whether creating this show was a right decision or not.

We also see a dialogue between Nathan and his 9-year-old son with whom Nathan said that people make mistakes and it’s okay to make them, it shows that you have heart and you are not perfect.

This seemed like Nathan was talking about creating this show. Well, after Season 1 ended we are left with more questions than answers because we do not know what conclusion Nathan came to and we’re yet to see that. The Good news is that HBO has renewed the show for another season just ahead of the end of Season 1.

So, get ready for another weirdly interesting show to look forward to, every week. The release date of Season 2 is not announced as of now but as soon as there are any updates, we’ll let you know. Till then, The Rehearsal is available to stream on HBO Max and Disney Hotstar.



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