The Rehearsal Episode 3 Full Story, Recap & Ending Explained

The Rehearsal Episode 5 Recap The Rehearsal Episode 4 Recap The Rehearsal Episode 3 Full Story, Recap & Ending Explained The Rehearsal Episode 4 Release Date HBO

The Rehearsal Episode 3 Full Story, Recap & Ending Explained: HBO’s original Mini-Series titled “The Rehearsal” that showered us with just the tiniest bit of depth the human mind can go to with its latest episode called “Gold Digger” has so much meaning in it than we can imagine.

The Episode picked up from the last episode where we saw Nathan Fielder, the creator and writer of the show including himself as part of a rehearsal with a woman where they co-parent in a non-romantic way to see if they are up to the task of being a parent. Episode 3 started off with Nathan rehearsing as a father and taking the traditional duties of a man in the house like gardening.

Nathan is seen putting up an irrigation system and sowing seeds for different vegetables that Angela had said and apart from that, he is also working. Working for Nathan is like working rehearsals with another person so that’s what we see.

We’re seeing Nathan doing rehearsal at work with a guy called Patrick who’s trying to get his share of inheritance from his brother who refuses to give it to him because he thinks his girlfriend is a gold digger. The rehearsal is for his brother to convince him otherwise. So, we see Nathan doing two rehearsals, one at work for Patrick and the other one at home, rehearsing as a father.

The Episode is very deep which matches all the other episodes because at the end of the Episode, Nathan is talking about “Emotions” and comes to “Emotions are not easy to engineer” and thinks about what people do to deceive themselves from the lies they tell themselves but still get remnants of the truth here and there so you realize what lies you’re living.

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Nathan, who is rehearsing with a child from birth to 18 years of age had a moment where the 3-year-old child went into the room and a 6-year-old came out. To cope up with this change, he has had his team try to accelerate the vegetable growth in the garden as well where they come at night and plan the store-bought vegetables.

This is all a lie and Nathan knows that but he realizes that when he sees capsicum labeled with a barcode on the kitchen and he realizes the lies or the false emotions he’s been feeling or engineering and then he goes and turns the capsicum over to hide that.

The Episode ended on that note and it’s a pretty deep thing to see and imagine. Tell us what you thought of the episode in the comments!

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