Mind Over Murder HBO: Early Reviews, Watch It Or Not?

Documentary Filmmaking has been on an upward trend in recent times and we’ve seen some really eye-opening documentaries. They have been there and filmmakers were making them but with the boom of streaming services, they have quite the exposure. Like recent documentaries, The Tinder Swindle (Netflix), Free Solo, and Icarus are some of the very famous documentaries that have gotten quite famous.

Crime documentaries have a unique take as the filmmaker tries to make sense of what happened and if the case was solved or was there something bizarre about it or maybe the case seemed to be on one side and flipped because of something? Maybe wrongful conviction? These are some of the topics that interest a documentary filmmaker.

There’s a new crime documentary series debuted on HBO titled “Mind Over Murder” that is officially a psychologically complex story about six individuals who were convicted for the murder of a grandmother in Nebraska, the USA in 1985. The docuseries will consist of 6 episodes released every week on Mondays (EST).

The episodes will be available in India on Tuesday. The docuseries are based on a true crime, The docuseries focus on the notion that there’s a crime that happened and it’s a very heinous one, will you as neighbors or fellow countrymen go with your emotions or accept the facts? That is the main question the docuseries ask and what you should look for. The series is available to stream on HBO Max.

Watch It Or Not?: N/A
Platform: HBO max


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