‘The Mother’ Ending Explained: There is a huge chance that you have just finished watching the Netflix original film ‘The Mother’ and now you want to know more about its ending and some more details. There are a few questions like who was the biological father of Zoe and is William dead or alive. There is one more question: is there going to be another part of the film? Here, we are going to tell you about the same.

Before jumping to the end of the show, I would like to tell you about the story and give an overall overview of the film. The film stars Jennifer Lopez in the lead role. The film basically revolves around a former military commander, played by Lopez, who was attacked during a mission while she was pregnant. Luckily, her child survives, but Lopez knows that the men from the FBI are going to come after them.

So she transfers the custody of Zoe to another couple and former FBI agent William. The story then shifts to 12 years later, where Zoe is being targeted by Adrian and some other former enemies of Lopez. The film basically revolves around Lopez saving Zoe from all the odds.

Before reading further, if you haven’t watched the film yet and don’t want spoilers, stop reading from here because there are many spoilers ahead!

One of the most asked questions after the film is;

‘Who is Zoe’s Father?

Well, this is not clear in the film, but there are a few pieces of evidence that prove that ‘Adrian’ is the real father of Zoe. There is a sequence in the film where we get to see Lopez asking Adrian whether he would be able to dance better than Hector or not. Here, we see Adrian and Lopez dancing, and then Adrian grabs her ass. There is a high chance that they both get intimate after that, and the child belongs to Adrian. Although the creators of the film have kept it open and let the audiences decide who the father of Zoe is!

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Willaim Dead Or Alive?

Another question that some of our readers were asking was about Willaim’s Death. Is dead or Alive? Willaim is dead for sure in the film, we may get to see more of His and Lopez’s relationship in any spinoff or sequel film if ever made. But as of now, William is Dead.

Many of you were asking about the sequel of the film. No, there will be no sequel for the film as the film ends with Happy Ending. There is a chance for Part 2 if any but there is no official confirmation about it. We will let you know if there is any development regarding Part 2.

This was all about the Netflix original movie ‘The Mother and its Ending Explained.  What do you think about it? Please let us know in the comments.



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  1. I think the father of the child is Hector Alvarez and would explain why Adrian is angry that not only did she sleep with him but also got impregnated.

  2. I think the father is Adrian. That snide comment she made about Hector says a lot.she never once dent when Adrian said our girl..even when they were fighting and he keep referring to Zoe as theirs she never deny it.

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