The Magician’s Elephant Movie Review: The latest Animation, Adventure, and Comedy is now streaming on Netflix in the English languages with English Subtitles, directed by Wendy Rogers the voice cast includes Noah Jupe, Mandy Patinkin, Natasia Demetriou, and other stars.

The runtime of the movie is approx. 1.3 hours written by Martin Hynes and Kate DiCamillo and the movie is rated PG, Here Goes The Review Of The Film.

The movie is about an orphan boy Peter who lives with a man who retired from the army, one day he meets with a fortune teller, who said that his sister is still alive and he will find him if he will follow the elephant, but the elephant was owned by a magician who aggresses to give him the elephant but keeps 3 impossible tasks in front of him to get that elephant, will he be able to perform these tasks and find his sister to know this you can watch the movie streaming now on Netflix.

Kate DiCamillo is known for writing excellent children’s stories her stories keep the viewers hooked up throughout with twists and turns, and this movie is another example of that a sweet small comedy film, which will surprise you and you will enjoy this movie a lot.

The story is simply based on a European city, where lives a boy is finding his family will he be able to do that, the direction and writing are excellent, the supporting cast except Peter helps the story to build up and the story keeps you hooked up with its twist and turns.

Overall the movie is great there is nothing new about the animation as it is totally computer generated and you have seen this type of animation in movies earlier, but the story is very good, especially since you can watch it with your children and younger audience as there is a moral also. So if the life heartfelt emotional movie you should definitely watch this movie with your family.

Ending ExplainedThe Magician’s Elephant Movie Ending & Summary Explained

Rating: 3.5/10

so here is my rating and review for the movie if you have watched this movie you can tell us your favorite part in the comments below, and for more such content stay tuned with us.



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