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The Magician’s Elephant Movie Ending & Summary Explained | Netflix

The Magician’s Elephant Movie Summary & Ending Explained: The Magician’s Elephant movie is now available on Netflix in English with English Subtitles. in this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the movie so let’s get started.

The movie is about a small boy peter who is an orphan and looking for a family he was told that his mother died when she was pregnant with his sister, but he does not believe that he was raised by a man who is a former solider who teaches him many things and told him stories about when he goes to war, and other things.

One day he meets a fortune teller who tells him that if he follows the elephant he will find his sister, so a magician in the town brings an elephant, and he only gives his elephant to Peter if he completes three impossible tasks given by him, what are these tasks let’s know.

The first impossible task given to peter was to fight a soldier and not an ordinary solider, but the king’s best Sergeant De Smedt, who is very strong and standing 6ft tall, Peter runs to save his life and De Smedt follows him, but as he running he remembers his uncle used to tell him a story about the greatest soldier of all time, Sergeant De Smedt with a book, as soon as De Smedt comes to kill him, he sees the book in his hand which brings him down into the memory lane, and he drops his sword and that’s how Peter wins his first task.

The second impossible task was to fly, and he doesn’t know how to fly, however, he jumped from the tallest building in the kingdom with a bag in his back, he remembers how their neighbor told him to fly, which helped him a lot to open the parachute on time, and he landed successfully in the ground.

The last task was to make the king laugh because his brother recently died and he was very sad, but peter tells a joke and a court member who likes peter started laughing, but the king knows she is faking her laugh, but then the elephant sneezes and a cat falls over making the king laugh out loud, and that’s how by completing all the three tasks peter was able to get the ownership of the elephant.

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In the end, he meets with her sister Adel, who is following the task and the elephant, he met with her earlier(During the second task) but does not know about her then, In the end, scene, we can see peter having dinner with his sister and he finally gets a new family to live with the movie ends.



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