The Kerala Story Day 19 Collection: The Kerala Story Soon To Enter In The Third Week But With Houseful Shows. It’s been two and a half weeks But this movie is still having houseful Shows In Some Regions that’s the commendable Thing Of This Movie We agree That Screenplay was a bit slow of this movie But Atleast This Movie Gained great Numbers at the box Office Worldwide. The movie is getting recognised In the whole globe Now.

This is the power of truth If You’re going with truth no one can stop You And That’s The Same Thing Happened In The Case Of the Kerala Story. Adah Sharma started getting various offers from many filmmakers Let’s see which role is the next she’s going to play.

Now, here we are going to tell you about the Daywise Box Office Collection Report For The Kerala Story;

Day 1 – 8.03 Crores
Day 2 – 11.20 Crores
Day 3 – 16.50 Crores
Day 4 – 10 Crores
Day 5 – 11 Crores
Day 6 – 12 Crores
Day 7 – 12 Crores

Day 8 – 12.50 Crore
Day 9 – 19.50 Crores
Day 10- 23.75 Crores
Day 11- 10.30 Crores
Day 12 – 9.70 Crores
Day 13 – 7.90 Crores
Day 14 – 7 Crores

Day 15 – 6 Crores
Day 16 – 9.10 Crores
Day 17 – 11 Crores
Day 18 – 4.50 Crores
Day 19 – 4 Crores*

Total Box office In 18 Days: 207 crores*

Worldwide Collection: 215 crores*

The Kerala Story had an overall 26% Hindi Occupancy on its 19th Day . This movie is Performing well in Southern parts Too As This movie is released in tamil and Telugu Languages also. Have you seen this movie on big screens yet?



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