Hell’s Paradise Episode 9 Delayed: Fans are Disappointed after This News Of Anime Hell’s Paradise Jigokuraku. the news came out that The 9th episode Is delayed By 1 week We’re Going to tell you everything Why the episode got delayed The Reason Behind it, what’s Is The New release Date and much.

The Previous Episode Of This Anime Show Was Released On 20th May 2023 which was the 8th One. The 9th was expected To Stream By 27th May But Due To Animation Issues Animator Of The Show Confirmed This Episode Will be streamed On 3rd June 2023 and this announcement Made Fans Disappointed All Over The Globe Fans were too excited To see What Happens Next In This Anime Manga Series..

This Anime Was Adapted From Yuji Kaku’s Famous Shonen Manga. This show started On 1st April 2023 And Made a special Fanbase Among Audiences Worldwide.

There is one more reason behind the Delay That Is world Table Tennis Championship Because both were going to be streaming at the same time.



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