The Impossible Heir Episode 10: Disney Plus presents a career thriller drama called ‘The Impossible Heir’. The series deals with the dark shades of wealthy family members and their betrayals. The plot revolves around three highly talented youngsters who face struggles together to level up their careers and future. An illegitimate son of a wealthy family hires his close friend to make everything right for him to become the next chairman of the company.

Episode 10 opens with Kang Inha having a conversation with his father. Chairman Kang Joong Mo was having a good time, drinking champagne while having a bath. Kang Inha rushes towards his bathroom and shows his rage against removing him from the company. Chairman Kang Joong Mo gets mad at Kang Inha for killing his son and destroying the company.

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Kang Inha explains that because of Chairman Kang Joong Mo, Kang Inju lost his life. They had a serious argument for some time and Chairman Kang Joong Mo threw his champagne against the floor. Slowly he felt chest pain, he tried to take the tablets but slipped out of his hands. Chairman Kang Joong Mo suddenly fell into the tub, Kang Inha threatened him and pushed him to the bathtub.

Kang Inha left the office and Chairman Kang Joong Mo collapsed in the bathtub. Later, Kang Inha’s sister came to the office and saw her father collapsed inside the bathtub, she later took him to the hospital. Family members gathered at the hospital after hearing the news, the doctor confirmed that the chairman was in a coma stage.

Na Hye Won already arrived to visit the chairman at the hospital but Kang Inha didn’t reach the hospital. Han Taeo once again went to the Chairman’s office to take a look again, Kang Inha senses Han Taeo’s presence and rushes towards the office at the same time. But, Kang Inha couldn’t find the traces of Han Taeo.

Han Taeo later met a prosecutor he fired before during the Kangoh group raid. Han Taeo remembers the deceased girl who took a video during the death. Han Taeo convinced the prosecutor that he was not the killer of Kang Inju. He asks the prosecutor to bring the girl’s phone, which contains the video of the real killer. Meanwhile, the hacker got the visuals of Han Taeo along with the prosecutor. But he deliberately deleted all the surveillance footage without informing Kang Inha.

Back at the prosecution office, the prosecutor kept searching for the evidence box and he found the girl’s phone. Later, they open the phone after cracking the password. Inside the phone, Han Taeo searches for the crime video, he finds a video where Mo Gijun kills Kang Inju and the lady.

The prosecutor took the phone to his superior officer and asked his permission to move on with the arrest. His superior gives him the nod to move forward and transfer back to his old office. Meanwhile, Kang Inha once tried to continue his deal with Park Sajin, but he couldn’t confirm anything because of the Chairman’s condition. Kang Inha’s sister went to meet Na Hye Won to learn about Han Taeo’s location.

Later that day, the prosecutors went to Kangoh’s office and caught Mo Gijun for the murder of Kang Inju and the woman. Han Taeo requested the prosecutor to cut a part from the video where another culprit was seen. The news channels reported the arrest of Mo Gijun, Kang Seongju and his mother started plotting their next plan to take control of the situation.

Han Taeo went back to jail by surrendering himself at the police station. He starts creating new plans from the prison with the help of his cellmate. He introduced him to an anonymous company called Gold H company created by him long ago. When his cellmate left the prison, he teamed up with Na Hye Won to establish a new plan for Han Taeo.

Meanwhile, Seonu Wan clashes with his Italian friend and leaves his apartment. He then joins Na Hye Won and Han Taeo to revenge Kang Inha. At the end of the episode, Kang Inha feels frustrated after the release of Han Taeo, he goes straight to kill his father. While he starts to kill the chairman, Han Taeo interferes and stops him from killing the chairman.

Overall the tenth episode’s screenplay was super racy. The downfall of Kang Inha was a delightful experience to watch. This must be the best episode of all the other episodes. Let’s see if the chairman wakes up or not.



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