The Horror of Dolores Roach Review: Prime Video presents the dark comedy horror series “The Horror of Dolores Roach,” currently streaming with eight episodes. It’s available in Hindi and English, along with subtitles.

This series is based on a famous podcast of the same name, which gained immense popularity after its release. The series revolves around the story of Dolores Roach, who becomes a serial killer. However, what people hear isn’t the whole truth. Her life is also full of ups and downs.

She lives in Washington Heights with her boyfriend, Dominic. They both sell drugs in the city. She loves him so much that she agrees to do anything for him. But Dominic frames her, resulting in Dolores being caught by the police. She spends 16 years in jail, and upon her release, she sees that everything has changed. She is unable to find Dominic. The only person she recognizes in the city is Luis, who runs a shop named “Empanasa Loca.”

Luis sells empanadas, but people are not buying them due to their bad taste. Dolores starts living in his basement and opens her own spa salon. One day, while giving a massage therapy session, she accidentally kills their landlord. This incident drastically changes the story, and soon she starts killing one person after another.

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On the other side, Luis uses the flesh of those bodies to make empanadas. People love the recipe, as these empanadas are only available in his shop. Luis becomes a cannibal, eating human flesh and serving it to people. However, Dolores feels guilty deep inside, although her main motive is to find Dominic and kill him for framing her. But she ends up killing everyone who visits her spa.

After killing a young boy named Jonah, she stops herself and decides to leave the place as soon as possible. However, Luis doesn’t let her go, as he has fallen in love with her. Dolores knows she can’t go back to jail again, so she pushes Luis into the fire, which also burns down the entire shop. This is how Dolores leaves the city, changes her name, and lives a happy life.

The Horror of Dolores Roach
The Horror of Dolores Roach

Dolores is played by “Justina Machado,” who showcases her emotional dynamics throughout the show. She loved Dominic, but he cheated on her, breaking her heart because she wanted a happy life with her own home. On one hand, she kills people, but deep down, she feels unhappy for them, which proves that she still has a little humanity left inside. On the other hand, Luis finds pleasure in his actions. “Alejandro Hernandez” shines in the role of Luis. The other side characters are also good in their roles. The show is not very lengthy, so you can enjoy it. It contains strong blood and gore, making it unsuitable for family viewing.

That’s a quick review of the brand new Amazon show “The Horror of Dolores Roach,” which is available in Hindi and English, along with subtitles. You can watch it if you’re in the mood for something different or choose to skip it.



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