‘Revenant’ Episode 3: In the last episode, we saw that San-young and Hae-sang discovered the past of the red ribbon and now they are trying to find a way to rid San-young of the spirit possessing him. In this recap, we will continue with the third episode of the series. Let’s get started.

The third episode begins with Hong-sae and Mun-chun investigating the case and learning that all three victims were friends and studied at the same college. Before their deaths, they all heard the sound of footsteps approaching them. They also discovered that a girl named Lee Tae-Yong is missing. Meanwhile, San-young and Hae-sang visit the old village of Jangjin-ri, which they learned about in the last episode.

They meet an old man who claims to know about the village. After talking to him, they find out about his brother’s granddaughter, Lee Tae-Yong, who is now missing. They are now searching for this missing girl.

They go to her house, where San-young sees a shadow of a tree with four bodies hanging from it. They deduce that Tae-Yong is the fourth victim who was killed. However, the police officer does not believe this theory and thinks that she may have run away with someone. So, they decide to investigate further.

Hae-sang visits their grandparents and takes a photo of the tree that San-young saw in Tae-yong’s house. The detective checks the CCTV footage of her hostel, and San-young goes to the café where Tae-yong used to work. By talking to the owner, San-young learns about a loan scam happening at the café. The owner had given Tae-yong a loan and is now demanding double interest. When San-young discovers this, she calls Hae-sang and informs him. He rushes to their grandparents’ house and saves them from the evil staff.

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In the ending explained the detectives also arrive at the grandfather’s house and go to the café. They find the owner in a bad condition, crying in pain. When they check the CCTV footage, they see that the owner is intentionally hurting himself while San-young stands there smiling at him. Hae-sang realizes what is happening and discovers that the owner tried to scam San-young because she appeared as a normal lady. However, when he attempted to harm her, the evil spirit took over and injured him.

Hae-sang concludes that anyone who tries to harm San-young gets hurt by the spirit. The detectives, though confused about how these incidents are occurring with San-young present everywhere, end the episode.



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