The Gryphon Season 2 Release Date: “The Gryphon” is a recently released German language fantasy youth drama series that is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime. This show promises a unique story to audiences, but it wasn’t up to the mark. It is currently available in German and English languages with multilanguage subtitles.

Now, talking about the second season:

The great thing about this series is that it is produced by W&B Television, and everyone knows Warner Bros renews their shows frequently. So, you can expect an announcement from Warner Bros very soon regarding the second season of “The Gryphon.”

This is a unique show we suggest watching at least once. This show doesn’t deserve the hate.

The cast of the show includes Jeremias Meyer, Zoran Pingel, and Lea Drinda in the main lead roles. We are also going to see Sabine Timoteo, Flora Li Thiemann, Yuri Volsch, and Samirah Breuer along with Sebastian Jager, Theo Trebs, and Armin Rohde in key roles.



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  1. I’m not a teen but loved the series. I’ve watched it twice now and hoping for a second season.

        • Here! Here! Brilliant soundtrack, good storybase.
          I think everyone should watch it at least once before passing judgment.

          • Just finished watching the series and hoping for a season 2! Well past my teens. My oldest granddaughter is 9, so…. She enjoyed it also, except for the kissing scenes.

    • 49 here, and feeling the same, decent acting, nice side storylines, and definitively a strong Stephen King’s Dark Tower vibe which I absolutely love and recommend !

  2. I am in the middle of watching the Gryphon Season 1 episodes. And already I KNOW I can’t wait for Season 2. I’m 64. Obviously not a teen. But this show is epic! I definitely intend on watching Season 1 again.

  3. Just binge-watched “The Gryphon” season 1 episodes and loved it! Hope they release season 2 soon as this series was fresh, like nothing I’ve seen before and I can’t wait for more. Great family entertainment for ages 13+ or older like myself (I’m 65) as I’ve always been a fan of the science fiction/fantasy genre.

  4. “Is wasn’t up to to the mark” nonsense. I’m only 2 episodes in and it’s amazing! Visually stunning otherworldly scenery, scary as $#!÷ monsters, excellent and believable actors, and a storyline that whisks you away from reality. Definitely hoping for a season 2.

  5. I am 46. Bi ged watched the whole thing today. It is better than most stuff put out season 2 should be made.

  6. Great show I love sfi fantasy and the show is a good portrayal of both
    I’m 69 and awaiting the second season!!

  7. I want a season 2. I love this this is the best show I’ve seen in a long time which I’ve really enjoyed and I’m hoping to see a season 2!

  8. 71 here and can’t wait for the season 2 release. Binge watched cause I just had to know what came next!

  9. 63 here and just finished watching the first season. Good music 🎶 monsters and story. Loved it. Seasons 2 please.

  10. Paula Deemer on

    I’m 69 and I think it is an awesome series I can’t wait for season two. I love shows like this.

  11. I’m 45 & my mother is 75. We just watched it together in 2 days of binge watching and it seriously went by WAY too quickly! As soon as the finale finished we both went oh man when does season 2 start?!?!

  12. Brilliant soundtrack, good storybase.
    I think everyone should watch it at least once before passing judgment.
    All first series’ are slow on the off, it’s all about character and story building, but we’ll worth it.

  13. swf 52 and Yes! More Please!
    Everything about this show is
    Right On The Mark!
    To say otherwise shows a serious lack of imagination and a spirit in desperate need of fun.
    Give us season 2,3,4 and keep it coming 🙂

  14. Hi,
    I’m 62 and I loved it, good story and amazing scenes it has been put together awesomely good.
    Please release a second season.

  15. Great series! Just finished it. Hoping for season 2! Loved the music! Let’s do more! Great storyline! 57 if that makes any difference….

  16. Gaurav verma on

    Such a impressive story I am waiting for season 2 please inform me at my email asap it release.

  17. I don’t normally like fantasy type shows but I started watching this and I’m now I’m addicted I hope and pray there’s a season too and I’m 56

  18. Excellent series 👏 From the amazing plot, to the wonderful actors, visual effects, to the great music 🎵. Binge worthy 💯% I cannot wait for season 2.

  19. 30 and I wish this show conitinues for many seasons. Finally something with cool lore and just something that takes place outside of America. The writing and storyline are great. lovely worldbuilding. The horror bus/lord of the rings/pans labirinth vibes.

  20. Awesome show and my favorite music. Once you start watching you can’t stop…and you forget it’s dubbed…lol!

  21. We need a Season 2 awesome show and to be honest so many companies make a show but don’t follow through to end on a good ending but rather let it show a possibility of one. Someone please consider making this another series

  22. This may not be up to what we in the U.S. are used to with all the huge super effects, etc.But if you have half a brain and can appreciate a story and use your own imagination, then this is a really good show to watch. You actually have to watch it, though! I really liked the characters, the growth of the main characters is at a pace you’d probably find in actual life.
    And there DEFINITELY needs a second season. Otherwise, where it started getting really good, it just ends? So much can happen from this point. C’mon guys. Don’t leave us hanging like another network (no name, but we all know who it is!). PLEASE, do the second season!! 🙏

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