The Great British Bake Off Season 13 Episode 2 Highlights The Great British Bake-Off is back with its new season and its nice to see our wholesome entertainment come back which is at the same time more nerve-wracking to see the bakers try to complete the challenge and let it be the showstopper, technical or Signature but with the end products looking so astonishingly pretty and tasty, it is all worth it.

Last Week was Cake-Week and also the premiere of this season as well. Janusz won the title of Star Baker with his deadly combination of texture and flavor while it was Phil who had to go home because of his weaker bakes as compared to the other bakers. This week, it was Biscuit Week and here’s how the challenges were set by the Judges

Signature Challenge

Batch of 18 identical decorative Macarons but the decorations must make them look like something other than a macaron.

Technical Challenge

Batch of 12 Garibaldi Biscuits also known as Squashed Fly Biscuits.
Winner: Rebs

Showstopper Challenge

Beautifully Crafted 3D Biscuit Mask but the most important part is that it has to stand upright on a stand.

Showstopper Challenge pulled the artistic side of everyone and the products were amazing to look at. Janusz even dedicated his abstract bake to the LGBTQ Community. However, the Star Baker for this Episode went to Maxy who had been consistent with her bakes this week with a fabulous mask that ties itself to the Carnival and Soca Music. Her mask consisted of Cardamom Tuiles, Macadamia Florentines & Coconut, and Lime Biscuit Mask.

However, this week’s elimination was sad because we saw Maisam, the youngest baker of this season is 18 had to go.

Next week, its Bread Week!



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