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Wanna Marchi (Netflix) Real Image, Where Is She Now ? | Fortune Seller A TV Scam

Wanna Marchi (Netflix) Where Is Now Now?: The recently released Netflix Documentary Fortune Seller A TV Scam has created a lot of buzz and with good enough reason because it tells the story of Wanna Marchi, a persuasive woman who had a knack for conveying her message of convincing people to buy something. With this quality of hers, she was able to sell anything, and by anything we mean anything tangible, or intangible let it be an amulet, even salt too.

Her unique way of exploiting women over 45 or retirees by the medium of superstitions made her fool a lot of Italian People with her telemarketing shows and she created an empire for herself.

Her distinctive way of persuasion in convincing people had her and her call center milking people for money and it was until the investigation took place that the truth of her empire was unearthed, and she went to prison on the counts of fraudulent bankruptcy, aggravated scams and conspiracy for 10 years but was released 4 months early because of good behavior.

She can be found doing what she has been doing before, selling herself. As we see in the Netflix Documentary, she hosted a 100-Hour Live Show with her daughter hosting a website where they do what they did best, sell things. Sadly, she is back with her old self which can be seen on Italian TV as well.



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