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The Crow Reboot On The Floors Now

In the times of Reboots and revivals, we have yet another revival of the famous Superhero Comic Book Series called The Crow, based on the character that is brutally murdered by a group of street thugs who also watches his fiancé getting raped by those thugs as he was paralyzed after getting shot in the head.

After he dies, he is brought back to life by a crow who guides the rage-filled Eric to murder those street thugs. Created by James O’Barr as a Comic Book series to cope with his wife’s death at the hands of a drunk driver, the comic book series took off and was highly successful making way for this amazingly gory and thrilling Film Series to take place.

The Crow has 3 Film Sequels, namely The Crow (1994), The Crow: City Of Angels (1996), The Crow Salvation (200) & The Crow: Wicked Player (2005). It is no news that this famous series is being rebooted.

What’s interesting to know is what will be playing the crow in the reboot and that special person is Bill Skarsgard who is already known for playing intense and horror roles let it be Hemlock Grove, It, or The Devil All The Time. The film is going to be shot in Munich at New Production Facility, Penzing Studios.

There’s no other information available about the film, but we’ll let you know as soon as there is.


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