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The Company You Keep Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained

The Company You Keep Episode 2: The latest drama series is now streaming on HULU in the English language. Here in this article I am going to give you the recap and ending of the second episode so let’s get started. The name of episode one is “A Sparkling Reputation”.

The second episode begins with Nicoletti’s family, at an auction where they are going to steal a black diamond necklace to settle Daphne’s loan.

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A couple buys the necklace for 500,000 dollars and birdie notices that they transfer the money into their own corporation, she thinks why someone should buy a thing again Claude Ellsworth(former ambassador of Russia), so the couple may be helping him launder his money.

Later that night Charlie and Emma go on a Date, and after some time they left the restaurant and started making out in Charlie’s car. But their mood got spoiled when a bus with Emma’s brother face David Hill(who is running for a US senate seat) passes by, and Charlie also gets a text from his sister that Daphne wants to meet.

At the bar, Charlie asked Daphne to give him more time like 2 weeks, but Daphne gives them 2 days deadline to make their first payment, if he failed to do so he will call Maguire’s son and tell him about that deal.

Later Birdie discovers the hotel where Daphne is staying and tells Charlie, as he wants to know about his family because Daphne knows about his family, they go to that hotel, but Emma is also staying there to arrest Daphne, Charlie dressed as a worker enters Daphne’s room, and found a diary he opens it and found his mother photo inside he clicks the photo and sends to Birdie, and then Emma enters the room to arrest Daphne, and Charlie hides inside the bathroom, but he makes a noise as soon as Emma going to find out the reason, Birdie saves him by opening the joining door of the other room, Later that night Charlie and Emma meet again, but they still don’t know about each other identity, and Charlie asks Emma about her family, but she types of ignored it.

Later Charlie’s sister came to know that the necklace was stolen from the Indian government in the 19th century, but Charlie has other plans he returns to Ellsworths’ house, and told her to give him 500,000 dollars and return the necklace back to the Indian government and become a hero, for returning it, he then returns the money to Daphne and ask him to leave his sister’s daughter Ollie.

Meanwhile, David asks Emma to campaign for him and help him win the election. At the office, Emma finds out that Daphne is doing a deal, but when they reached there they are unable to catch her, but now Daphne knows who Emma is.

In the end, Leo points out that Daphne’s mother’s photo was taken at Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. So they find out that Daphne is Maguire’s daughter, and they find out their weakness, and the episodes end.


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