The Burning Girls Season 2 Release Date: The Burning Girls is a British series based on the novel by C.J. Tudor, which is inspired by real events. The series is now streaming on Paramount+, and it’s also getting positive reviews from audiences and critics as it is a really good show for Halloween month. The series is directed by Charles Martin and Kieron Hawkes. The show has six episodes in total.

What’s the Story of The Burning Girls?

Reverend Jack Brooks and her daughter Flo Brooks land in a village to start a new life after the death of a close one. Jack started seeing some ghost girls who died in that village. Jack goes on a journey to find out about the truth of The Burning Girls and what’s the connection of the village with those girls.

Is The Burning Girls Renewed For Season 2?

The Burning Girls isn’t officially renewed for season 2, and I don’t think they will renew it for season 2 as the story is complete, and no need for season 2. But they still can create a new story with Jack Brooks solving mysteries.

If The Burning Girls is renewed for season 2 we can expect it to be released in late 2024 or early 2025.



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  1. The story is not complete,like the little burning girls never got their satisfaction so they can move on, we need to know that the Harpers truly pay for what they did to thrm

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