The Big Door Prize Series Episode 1 Summary & Ending Explained: The Big Door Prize is now available on Apple TV in English with English Subtitles. in this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the First episode of the series so let’s get started.

The episode begins with Dusty a history teacher celebrating his 40th birthday with his family, he lives with his wife Cass and daughter Trina, he was given a new scooter as a gift and after having a lovely breakfast with his family he heads to work.

He stops at a store for a drink and notices that they have installed a new machine, and the owner tells him that this futuristic-looking machine is called Morpho machine, and when he goes to work he sees that all the staff and students are talking about this Morpho machine.
Later when he goes to a restaurant where his daughter works he notices that there too all the people are talking about this machine, but he ignores it and thinks it of a scam.

The next morning when he goes to work he cannot take away the thought of the machine from his mind and catches a student Jacob who was there at the store when the machine was installed, he tells him about that and also tells him that his daughter Trina is skipping classes.

At home, she tells to his wife that their daughter is skipping classes, and we came to know that this is due to his boyfriend dying recently she is very sad about this, his boyfriend was Jacob’s brother Kolton.

The next morning, he woke up and sees 5 blue dots on his skin, and on the way to work he sees that everyone is now using the Morpho machine in his neighbor, and at the store, there is a lot of crowds everyone wants to break the machine and sees what’s behind all this, and store owner card tells that he could be a magician.

He was very angry by the machine’s popularity and later that evening he met with his father Reuben in the bar, he tells him about the strange blue dot appearing in his skin his father told him to see a doctor and the only doctor in their town was his mother, and they also talk about the machine that is taking over the people.

The Ending

After this deep conversation with his father, he thinks to try the machine for one time and walks into the store, and we see that the machine is asking for his identity number and fingerprint and is collecting data from everyone. Dusty’s card told that he could be a Teacher, and after seeing this he becomes a little disappointed as he thinks he has reached his potential and very rudely leaves the store.

In the end, his wife sees the card he has hidden in the drawer and he smiles like something is going to change in his life and the episode ends.

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