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Kill Boksoon Summary & Ending Explained | Netflix

Netflix Original South Korean Action Thriller Film Kill Boksson is now streaming on Netflix, The film is around 2 Hours long and available to watch in Hindi, Korean, English, and some more dubbed version along with subtitles.

The film stars Jeon Do-yeon as Gil Bok-soon and Sol Kyung-gu as Cha Min-kyu In the main lead roles, Bok Soon Works as Assisgn in the Chan Min Kyu Company, Here Goes The Recap and Ending Explanation of the show.

The film starts with Gill Killing a Famous Fighter in Korea, after the intro sequence, the film moves to the next sequence where Boksoon Goes For An Event To meet with Upcoming Contract Killers, She does a dummy fight With One of the students, Kim Young Ji. After that fight, she gets another contract. She gets to know that she has to kill a boy. In between all this, she gets a call from Jaye Yong School that her daughter has stabbed someone in the neck.

On the other hand, Sergeant’s Company suspects that someone is working against the company. Boksoon goes to kill her target, and there she gets to know that the boy is the son of the Prime Minister, and his killing contract was given by his own father.

MK Chairman calls Boksoon to check if the work is done or not. Bokson says that she failed to complete the task as there was some issue. Bokson also tells MK that if he wants to renew her contract, then the killing contract for the Prime Minister’s son should not be given to anyone else.

Here, we get to see the flashback where MK and Bokson meet, where we get to see that Bokson killed her own dad in front of MK during her childhood.

In the next sequence, Bokson’s daughter reveals why she stabbed her school friend. She also reveals that she is a lesbian and loves Su RO. In the next sequence, we get to see Boksoon with her party gang, and there she gets to know that Hee Song has got an A-level contract. She was shocked to see that the same contract of killing the Prime Minister’s son was given to Hee Song.

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While everyone was sitting at the table, Cha offers everyone to kill Bokson. All five attacked Bokson, and finally, after a tough fight, Bokson kills all of them with the help of a new intern.

The companies who take the contracts call for a meeting where the director was explaining how Boksoon attacked and why she killed so many men. In the next frame, we get to see Boksoon reach the office, and there she kills Cha, the company owner’s sister. In another frame, we also see that the director kills Sergeant.

Bokson now invites Cha, the company director, for a one-to-one fight as she sends her a pen with blood. Cha accepts the offer and asks Boksoon to fight with her in the office.

Does Bokson’s Daughter Know Her Reality?

In the climax fight, Boksoon kills Cha as Cha’s chief MK loves her. Cha reveals that Boksoon’s daughter is watching her as their fight is being telecasted live to her daughter.

Boksoon runs towards her home to check if her daughter is really watching her live, but there she saw that her daughter was sleeping. The next morning, Young goes to school to say a final goodbye to her friends, and the film ends here.

Now, what does the ending mean? Does Bokson’s daughter know her reality? Well, this is an open ending, but as per our logic, she knows about her mother’s reality, and she accepted her like that. The final goodbye of Boksoon’s daughter also hints that they are going to leave the place forever, and Boksoon will also not work anymore for any company.



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