The Bequeathed Episode 3: The Bequeathed is a Netflix original occult suspense thriller Korean drama series and is based on the webtoon of the same name by Kang Tae-Kyung the story of the show moves around a woman named Yoon Seo-ha where she helps her professor write a book and also finds that her husband is cheating or her and more details which we see in this show.

In this article, I am going to tell about the plot details of episode 3 of this show where we share all the details about the plot and ending explain of this episode in detail and covered in this article.

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In episode 3, we see that Decteive finds some details about the case and asks some questions to Young-ho as he blots blood on Seo-ha’s door where he says he visited his sister for the sake of safety and put chicken blood to remove the evil spirits from her house but we find that she does not believe in every action of him toward her.

After that, We find that she is scared of blood after her husband died and his mission is to protect her from evil spirits during the investigation, they find that she tells them that she found out about her father hunting and it happened exactly 30 years old and then, detective rushes to ask Young-ho about his father’s rifle and he didn’t know anything about that rifle.

Later, we see that Sang-min finds that he knows but tries to hide something where he hides her sister Seo-ha something and no one knows about his mother as her father is married to someone other, and Seo-ho’s mother has died, and the reason Young-ho’s name is not in her family details where she arrived at school and ask about school website and she finds that she is the ghostwriter of her professor book.

The scene shifts, and we see that Sung-Jun is being asked about her father and if she knows anything where the detective is recording that stuff and we see that Seo-ha finds the details about Professor Kim and finds that he is trying to hide something and tells him that she is noe stop working in his university after her preformation down.

At the end of episode 3, we see that Seo-ho plans to go to Berserk for the party where she throws a drink at the professoriate and breaks a bottle near the wall. On the other side, Hong-sik searches Young-ho’s house and finds the details about shaman stuff he finds a hidden notebook in the house but he is murdered by someone mysterious man before he tells the detective about the book and the episode ends.

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This is all the details about episode 3 of this show where I cover all the details about this episode along with the plot, summary, and ending details of this episode in depth.

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