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Shrinking Episode 3: Recap, Summary & Ending Explained

Shrinking Episode 3: APPLETV+’s New Original Series titled “Shrinking” has returned with the third Episode. Starring Jason Segel and Harrison Ford in the titular roles, the sit-com tells us the story of Dr. Jimmy Laird who lost his wife a year ago and is currently grieving, and how his attitude towards life right now begins him to breach ethical barriers and come up with different ways to help his patients.

Created by Brett Goldstein, Bill Lawrence, and Jason Segel, if you’ve also taken a liking to this show and are interested in what happens in the third episode, here’s the recap for you.

Recap & Summary

Toward the end of Episode 2, we see that Jimmy invites Sean to come to live at his house until he finds someplace else. The Episode starts with Alice going into the kitchen where she’s surprised to see Sean cleaning up the whole kitchen. She gets angry at him about an old dead plant that Sean had thrown it out in the trash which turns out to be her mother’s plant. She gets frustrated with Sean and then goes to school.

Jimmy on the other hand is happy as he crashes one of his patient’s dates and finds out that his patient has been pretending to be someone else and he asks him to be himself, the vulnerable and smart himself.

On the other hand, forcing her patient to leave her toxic boyfriend seems to be doing her well as she’s in Canada and their sessions are now over zoom. We see more of Gabby when she’s trying to ask her husband to let her drive to work in her new Tesla but he straight up refuses to say he cannot hear more of her music and when she does reach work, Paul hits his car to hers and the three have a talk regarding Paul’s Parkinson’s and whether he should be driving or not.

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Paul who is stubborn and refuses to come to work with Gaby goes to her is still meeting Alice behind Jimmy knowing that the two are getting along great as well.

Jimmy is seeing progress in his patients and with Sean, he keeps doing the MMA thing to get all his rage out so they can start the healing. It is until Sean and Alice have a heart-to-heart that the two of them come on the same page about life in general. Alice is frustrated because she finds herself smiling but then feels guilty because of that and ends up crying.

After Paul’s advice, she also tries doing the 15-minute grieving each day where she plays some song and she grieves for straight 15 minutes and then goes about her day. Jimmy finds her doing that and the two end up having dinner after that.

Gaby, on the other hand, is having an affair and Jimmy sees her with another guy he confronts her about it and she informs him that she’s getting divorced. She invites him to her divorce party that weekend which he didn’t want to go to at first but after talking with Paul, he goes there and finds Gaby sad and he consoles her.

Paul somehow gets to know about Sean living at Jimmy’s house and he grills him about it. In the heat of the moment, Jimmy tells Paul that he knows he’s been meeting Alice behind his back and then thanks him for that. Paul is not on speaking terms with Jimmy.

The Ending

At the end of the Episode, where Jimmy felt like his patients have been making real progress and wanted to share that with Paul, he sees his patient that he had been having zoom calls because she had moved to Canada but he finds her back with her toxic boyfriend talking on the hiking trail and seeing him, they run away.

Shrinking Episode 3 is currently streaming on AppleTV+.



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