Tess In ‘The Last Of Us’ : Tess is one of the supporting characters from HBO’S Live-action TV Series The Last of Us. Tess is the smuggling partner of Joel, but they were more than partners. Tess is a hardened survivor just like Joel and can do anything in order to survive. Tess sells Illegal things in the Quarantine Zone with Joel.

One day one of his friends betrays Tess and tries to sell the batteries to fireflies. Joel and Tess go to Fireflies to get their batteries and find out that the fireflies already killed that guy because he tries to sell them the reused batteries. Tess is the reason for Joel’s meeting with Ellie.

Who Played Tess in The Last of Us?

Australian actress Anna Torv played the supporting role of Tess in HBO’S The Last of Us.

Who is Anna Torv?

Anna Torv is an Australian actress. She was seen in Series like Netflix’s Crime Thriller Mindhunter, Frankenstein, Fringe, The Pacific, The Newsreader, Secret City, and films like The Daughter, Heavenly Sword, and more.



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