Summertime Netflix Review : Netflix released another romantic series this week on 29th April 2020 , titled as Summertime , here in the post we are going to review this new original series Summertime , we are going to discuss the review segment wise , so let’s begin.

Summertime Season 1 Netflix Review

To those who don’t want to read our whole review , and just want to the bottom line of the series , This is another Romantic Drama that we are watching from long time , The series is Boring Dull and Predictable. While watching you are going to feel that you are watching the same old romantic movie with new actors. Let’s begin the detailed review.

  • Name Of The Series – Summertime
  • Release Date – 29th April 2020
  • Platform – Netflix
  • Genre – Romantic Drama
  • Our Rating – 2/5
  • Recommend ? – NO


The weakest part of the series is the story itself, i personally didn’t liked that , and i think most of you would have the same feel , the story looks like an old normal romantic story with nothing to excite about , Rebecca Coco Edogamhe playing as Summer Ludovico Tersigni playing as Ale, who is former motorcycle champion , they both comes during summer on the Adriatic coast , they met , they feel different like they never felt and that’s all they fall in love and some little twists. This is little overview of story , did you found anything new ? we didn’t get so …



The acting is the strongest part that maker this series little worth to watch Ludovico Tersigni playing as Ale as did an awesome job, Rebecca Coco Edogamhe is good and other actors like Amanda Campana playing as Sofia, Andrea Lattanzi playing as Dario, Giovanni Maini playing as Edo Alicia Ann Edogamhe playing as Blue are equally brilliant , if you have no option left to watch , You can watch this series for the shake of acting.

Screenplay & Editing


When you have make is hours long series on simple predictable story , you can do nothing much with the screenplay and editing , the series is very long, boring and dull , couples are even also going to feel boar , although some romantic scenes can make them happy , screenplay and editing is very poor , the series can be ended in 2 episodes but they stretch too log.

Overall – Bottom line


The series is very long , boring and dull better , the series is a same old wine with new glass , although old wines are more  loved by people but this is surely not going to be with this series , we would advice you to avoid this series as there is nothing to watch in it , although , if you are with your better half , you can watch with him/her to be more romantic :-p

If you have no idea what the series is all about ? or you want to see the tariler of the summertime , again , You can have a look at the official trailer of the Summertime on Netflix starring Ludovico Tersigni and Rebecca Coco Edogamhe.

What do you think about series , have you seen it ? please let us know in comment section about your review , for more posts like this on digital content , follow us daily on blog and on our social media handles.


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