Extracurricular Netflix Review : Korean series are always a treat to watch , whether its a romantic or thriller , here comes the another one in the list , Extracurricular is an thriller teen crime series that got released on Netflix on 29th April 2020 , here in the post we are going to tell you about the full review of the story , acting and script with no spoilers.

Extracurricular Season 1 Netflix Review

We would be discussing the segment wise review for this Korean series like story, acting and all , but if you don’t have much time and want to know the review in One line , we would say , Its A Mind blowing Thriller , a must watch , now we are going to review segment wise.



The story was already made clear by the makers from the trailer itself , but trust me , there is lot more in story to tell , and when you would watch the all 10 episodes of the series , you get to know better , the story is about a teen college going guy and girl , who got into some serious criminal activities to go the university , the stories revolves around the Oh Ji-soo played by Kim Dong Hee , who does lots of serious crime one by one and got trapped into one another , there would be another twist in story when his classmate Seo Min-hee played by Jung Da Bin got involves in his crime too , the story is the awesome and would keeps you connected.



The actors played very well in the series specially Jung Da Bin , she has been awesome all over the series , with her great actings , another main lead Kim Dong Hee is also awesome, the Park Ju-hyun as Ji Soo frined and Nam Yoon-soo as Minhee boyfriend has done decent jobs too. The series is having total 10 episodes and created and directed by Kim Jin Min and Jin Han Sae.

Screenplay and Editing


The best thing about the series is screenplay , the series is so awesomely connected that once you starts watching the episode 1 , you keep watching another and then another , the story keeps you on edges and ends with new twists in every episodes , editing can be done better too , the story goes little slow in middle of episodes , all together , both editing and screenplay is awesome.

Overall – Bottom Line


The series is an mind blowing thriller and you should must watch , if you love the crime thriller series , one you starts watching you would be addicted to it , there are some brilliant work of acting and scripting for the series , we are rating it 4 out of 5.

If you still have no idea what we are talking about , You can have a look at the official trailer of  extracurricular released by Netflix week ago on 19th April 2020, the trailer is intense gripping and worth watch and it would make you more excited to watch the whole series.

What is your opinion about the series , have you watched it ? or planning to watch it , if you have seen this series , please let us know in comment section about your experiences , for more movies and shows news and updates , follow our social media handles and stay tuned with us.


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