Strangers From Hell Netflix – Korean dramas are really making headline these days, after Parasite, the new and more hidden gem from the Korean industry are coming day by day on the streaming platform in English dubbed Languages.

Today we will be talking about a suspense mystery thriller from South Korea. As we all know that Kdramas are very unique in their story representation therefore they often come up with engaging content and storylines. This series is also the same. The name of the series is Strangers from hell. If you think that you have got the basic idea of what this series is going to be let us tell you you’re not even close!

Strangers From Hell Netflix Plot

The show revolves around a young guy, Yoon Jong-Woo who is in his 20s, and comes to Seoul from his village as his friend Jae ho offers him a job. With only a few Amount of money in his name he looks for the cheapest place to live and he finds one. To his dismay, the place is very small and shares a kitchen and bathroom with other residents also. This annoys him as the residents there are a bit odd according to him. He is intrigued about the story of the apartment that has been going on for a while and decides to pursue it but this leads to mysterious things happening in his life, He learns that there was a man who lived in his room and he committed suicide because of something.. This baffles Jong-woo and he decides to search for the truth. But will he make it alive?.

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Strangers From Hell Netflix Cast

The series has some good and big names from the Korean industry, the series stars Im Shi Wan as Yoon Jong-Woo in lead, the series also stars Lee Dong Wook, Lee Jung Eun, Ahn Eun Jin, Park Jong-Hwan, Lee Joong Ok, Kim ji Eun and many more.

Strangers From Hell Netflix Trailer

The official trailer of the series is available on youtube, the trailer shows that that the main character checks in Into the apartment where he finds that the receptionist and the residents are a bit odd. He finds his neighbor, the dentist charming but scary, he also learns that a man committed suicide staying in the same room as him, he discovers his journal only to find out that same words has been written continuously, He shares that with his friends who think he is homesick and Making up things in his mind. This leads to him trying to investigate the mystery of the apartment, but there is danger waiting for him.

Strangers From Hell Netflix Release Date

The season 1 of the series would be released on Netflix in English dubbed from 15th May 2020, all the users worldwide with Netflix subscription can enjoy the series after 15th May 2020.

Strangers From Hell Netflix Hindi Dubbed

The series was released originally in Korean languages and now coming to Netflix with Hindi dubbed, there are very rare chances that series would be dubbed in the Hindi language for Indian audiences.

Strangers From Hell Netflix Review

The series is already released on VIU for Korean and other audiences and series received great review by the audiences, the series is rated 4.7 on google, on the google user wrote;

” I just watched it and it’s the best thriller drama I’ve ever seen, it reminded me so much of Hannibal, the tv show, the plot is basically the same but both are great in their own way. And I don’t usually get scared but I was so scared of a few of the characters, the fact that are many people that behave like the characters around us is scary. The title really is perfect for this drama “Strangers from hell” or “Hell is other people” or quotes like “the scariest creatures are the people” and talking about the Metamorphosis, great references of literature right there. And what really surprised me was the acting of Lee Dong Wook, I was so used to see him in love dramas, I hope he continues to do these type of dramas, he was perfect ” – Aylin Ncar

The synopsis of the show is intriguing to the point where we can watch the show at one go Why do you think the man killed himself? Are the resident’s killers? Will Jong-Woo make it out alive? The answer lies in the show. Happy watching. For more updates about the series and web content stray tuned with us.


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