Dorohedoro Netflix – Greetings to all the anime fans here !! Why did we say that? You are correct, today’s info is about an anime series named Dorohedoro. You might be thinking what’s so good about this one? Well we’re here to tell you that

Dorohedoro Netflix Season 1

Firstly, let’s talk about the show what does it hold for us. So the story takes place in a post-apocalyptic setting, split into two separate dimensions which are; the Hole, a dismal cityscape where humans reside, and the Sorcerers’ world, home of sorcerers. Despite appearing similar, humans and sorcerers are two distinct species, the former evolving naturally, while the latter was created by a devil named Chidaruma. Sorcerers are capable of entering the Hole by summoning magical doors.

Sorcerers regularly visit the Hole in order to practice their magic on human victims, leading to huge numbers of disfigured survivors. Here comes our MC ( short for the main character in anime world ) a man named Caiman who has his face disfigured by a sorcerer. His face now resembles a reptile which causes him to lose his memory ( sounds brutal:-! ). Then he meets his female friend Nikaido and the two take charge of getting to the other world in search of Caiman’s head and his memories from human life.

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We know you think it’s plain stupid just to go to a magic world with no powers. They have no chance of beating sorcerers blah blah, But, Here comes the fun part, Somehow, Caiman is immune to magical effects and as a result is extremely dangerous to sorcerers.

Dorohedoro Netflix Cast

The series features some of the veteran Japanese voice actors like Wataru Takagi ( who is also in Detective Conan) playing Caiman, Reina Kondo, Mitsuhiro Ichiki, Ryohei kimura the English dubbed cast includes  Aleks Le, Reba Buhr, Keith Silverstein, Cherami Leigh, Bryce Papenbrook and Cristina Wei.

Dorohedoro Netflix Trailer

The official trailer of the series in Not available yet on Netflix, but there is an English dubbed trailer for this anime, You can have a look at it, the official trailer on the Netflix would be released soon.

Dorohedoro Netflix Release Date

Well the series has been aired in Japan and Netflix doing the good deed is telecasting the dubbed episodes for its Western audience. The release date of the show is 28th May 2020

Dorohedoro Netflix India Hindi Dubbed

The series would be available on Netflix in English languages worldwide from 28th May 2020, unfortunately, the Hindi audio of the series is not available and it would not be released in Hindi Dubbed version.

For the show promises to be a mixture of adventure, thrill, and mystery with guaranteed action and comedy, and people who are looking for these can definitely go for it, for more posts like this stay tuned with us and follow us on social media.


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