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Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 1 Recap and Explained

Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 1 Recap and Explained: Spy X Family which is known to be one of the best anime in 2022 has returned with Season 2. I will explain the first episode of Season 2 “Follow Mama And Papa”.

There isn’t any big stuff that happened in the first episode, we will soon see it in future episodes as Spy X Family Season 2 is listed with only 12 episodes.

Spy X Family Season 2 Episode 1 “Follow Mama And Papa” Recap

Yor assassinated the members of Red Circus which is an extremist group, she was talking to someone on the telephone and then one of the members of Red Circus who has nearly died shot Yor in the Butt. Anya and Loid are watching TV. Loid wants to watch the news as it is a great way to get new information. Anya wanted to watch Anime, so Loid let Anya watch her favorite anime Spy Wars. The main character of the anime Bondman gets a task of following a certain target.

Yor returned to home after completing her mission, She somehow removed the bullet but her Butt was still in pain. Yor behaving very moody and angry due to the pain, Loid thought it was because of him as he asked Yor to buy milk and egg from the market. Yor didn’t say anything and goes to her room, Anya finds out about the gunshot from her telepathy and feels very sad. In the morning Loid asks Yor to go with him for a Date to fix her mood. Yor wants to say no, but she also doesn’t want people to know that they are a fake family.

Anya wanted to go with them, but the Lord said she couldn’t go because it’s a Date. Loid asks Franky to take care of Anya and the house. Loid had made plans up to 862 for Yor. His biggest plan was to go with Yor in a Car. You didn’t want to sit in the car as it would hurt a lot. Yor ask Loid if they can just walk and go to different places. Anya didn’t want to waste her time by staying in the home, so she asked Franky to follow her mom and dad. Franky liked the idea, so they started following Loid and Yor by changing their outfits.

Loid caught them but didn’t do anything as he didn’t want to ruin this Date. Loid and Yor go to a lot of places but it was very awkward as Yor doesn’t sit at any places. At the end of the day, they went to a restaurant, and when it was time to sit Yor sat but not properly. Franky and Anya can’t go to that restaurant as they don’t have a certain dress code, and Anya is underage. Anya reads the mind of a member of the Red Circus who is working as a waiter in the restaurant.

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The guy saves himself that day by hiding but he knows how the assassin looks, he can’t kill her by force. He makes a plan to give the blood of Blowfish as champagne to Yor. Blowfish is poisonous but her skin is safe. Yor drank that poison blood, but her immunity system was so strong that it couldn’t kill her. She started feeling better as the pain was gone after drinking that blood.

Anya requests Frank to infiltrate the restaurant, Frank helps her because he thinks Anya doesn’t want his family to do a divorce. Anya and Frank infiltrate the restaurant by AC duct. While infiltrating Anya read the mind of that guy again.

The guy wants to create a bomb that will kill her. Anya leaves Frank and beats that guy by creating a peanut bomb. She then threatened the guy saying he should leave this bad work and start taking care of her girlfriend. You enjoyed the date and she wants to go to the fair, Anya gets there and asks Loid if she also wants to go there.



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