Loki Season 2 Episode 1: Loki is back with a bang, and I’m going to recap the first episode as it is really complicated. Loki started time slipping, meaning his body is going to the past, future, and present. He can’t stop it, and it is very painful to see.

As at the end of Loki Season 1, Sylvie killed “He Who Remains,” and Loki didn’t know about it as Sylvie threw him in the time door. Loki goes to the TVA and sees the “He Who Remains” statue in there; he also meets Mobius and tries to explain to him about He Who Remains. Mobius says that he doesn’t know him, and Loki starts to run from him because Mobius wants to capture him, as he is just a normal Variant of Mobius. Loki then starts time slipping and goes to the present. Loki then meets Present Mobius, who knows about Loki and Sylvie.

Loki was actually time traveling, going to the past and the future. He doesn’t know why it’s happening. While he was in the future, he saw the statue of He Who Remains and also listened to a recording of He Who Remains and Renslayer. In Season 1, Renslayer kind of knew about who was pulling the strings behind TVA, but she didn’t do anything when he left the TVA. Higher officers are not happy that Mobius is not taking care of the branches that are coming from the sacred timeline. Mobius and Hunter B-15 don’t want to do that because they all are variants who are working for TVA. They all had a life; they didn’t want to destroy another variant’s life.

The generals don’t care about all this thing, and they would just do their job by erasing that timeliness. They want to catch Sylvie as she knows what happened at the end of time. Mobius takes Loki to Ouroboros, who has been working in TVA for like hundreds of years, and his memory isn’t erased. Ouroboros, aka O.B., knows about Mobius as he met him four hundred years ago in TVA, but Mobius doesn’t remember him as his memory is erased. Loki then time-slips and goes to the past, where he meets the past O.B. Mobius asks O.B. about time slipping, and in the past, Loki also asks O.B. about time slipping and asks him for a solution. Past O.B. creates a device that can stop time slipping. He also explains that they have to do something on their own.

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O.B.’s light is fluctuating, and it is happening for the first time that day. Mobius explains that it is also happening in the TVA. O.B. explains that it is happening because of the branch-out timeliness. There is a device called Temporal Loom in TVA, which refines the raw timeline to a physical timeline. But it is overloaded as it can’t handle so much timeline at a time; that’s why the power fluctuates.

O.B. then tells Loki and Mobius that if they fix the Temporal Loom, Loki will stop time slipping. But they have to do their stuff at the right time. If Loki doesn’t prune after Mobius fixes the Temporal Loom, then he will be forever lost in time. O.B. gives Loki a timer that will tell him when to prune.

Loki again time-slips, but this time he is in the future. Mobius wrote something on the computer desk at the Temporal Loom chamber in the present. So Loki quickly knew it was the future. He didn’t have that TVA weapon, so he started searching for that weapon in the future TVA. Loki hears a telephone ringing. As he goes to that cellphone, he finds Sylvie stuck in a lift. Sylvie says hi to him, but Loki’s timer is starting now, so he has to prune himself now.

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The mission was successful, and Loki saved himself and Mobius. The general is sending a team to find Sylvie, so Loki asks Mobius if they have to find Sylvie.

What’s the Post-Credit Scene in Loki Season 2 Episode 1?

We see Sylvie in a branched timeline; it was 1982 Oklahoma. She goes to a restaurant and asks for something to eat. As in the trailer, Sylvie might start working in that restaurant, and Loki will eventually find her.



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