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Simon Chilcott In ‘North Shore’ Actor Name, Who Plays?

Simon Chilcott In ‘North Shore’: Simon plays a main role in the series. He is the husband of Abigail, who is a very powerful politician in Britain. However, one day their daughter is found dead while she was attending a party. Now, the story revolves around uncovering who did this and what their intentions were.

In this article, I am going to tell you about the actor who played the role of Simon in the latest Crime Thriller. British actor Dan Spielman portrayed Simon in the series.

He is a British actor from Australia. Some of the movies and series in which you can see him perform are The Code (2014-2016), The Hunter (2011), and Tom White (2004).

In 2023, you can see him in the latest crime thriller North Shore, where he plays the role of a father whose daughter was found dead in the sea.

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What do you think about the character and the performances by Dan, Drop your thoughts about his role and Please let us know in the comments if you need to know about anything else.



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