Who Plays Sa Rang In ‘King The Land’: Sa-Rang is playing the main lead in the series. She got employed in one of the most famous hotels in Korea, The King, due to her skills in playing the piano in the air.

But after being selected for the internship, she was first assigned to the gym section to work, where she got bullied by her senior colleagues who made her clean the sweat rooms and more.

However, after seeing her talking skills, the hotel owner promoted her and assigned her to the reception area. Will she be able to make her job permanent, or will she get fired? Here, I am going to tell you the name of the actress who is playing the role of Sa Rang in the latest comedy drama.

Very popular South Korean actress and singer Im Yoon Ah is playing the role of Sa Rang in the series. She is part of the girl group Generation and is known as its center performer, main dancer, and main vocalist.

She made her debut with this band in 2007 as a singer, but after that, she also made a successful career in acting. Some of her work includes The King in Love (2017), Hush (2020), The K2 (2016), and Big Mouth (2022).


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