Royalteen Princess Margrethe Summary & Ending Explained: The second part of the movie is back and starts where the story left off at the prom party. In this article, I am going to give you a summary and ending explanation of the movie. Please be aware that this article contains heavy spoilers from the movie, so if you are still here, let’s get started.

The movie begins with the prom party where Princess Margrethe collapses on the floor and is immediately hospitalized. Her parents, the king and the queen, also arrive, and everyone learns that this is due to heavy drug use. After some time, she is stressed about what happened at the party, and everyone at school is talking about her.

Her friend Ingrid suggests that she should make a move in her relationship with Prince Alexander, but when she tries to approach him, her panic attack is triggered, and due to embarrassment, she can’t talk about her feelings to him. On the other hand, Gustav, the guy with Margrethe, was taking drugs at the party and kept forcing her to meet him to show her the video he took while she was taking cocaine.

But he wanted something else from her, and she was saved by a stranger. Later, she found out that the video had been leaked.

The Ending

She started taking drugs and alcohol again due to the video incident.

Who Leaked Her Video?

Gustav, who recorded the video, also leaked it online because he wanted to have sex with Margrethe. She offered him money not to leak the video, but he refused.

The Royal family’s PR team tried to fix this by making a press conference by Margrethe herself. She apologized in front of the media and the people, and they forgave her.

With Whom She Ended Up At Last?

She ended up with Arnie. They started getting closer after the incident at the party. At first, they were just friends, but when Margrethe saved him from a fight, they started getting closer, which ended up romantically.

The movie is currently streaming on NETFLIX in multiple languages, including English.



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