Relic Movie (2020) Ending Explained: Time and again , there comes a movie which bounds you to think . It makes you wonder about life and the reality of it . The movie Relic is a perfect example of this . The movie initially seems a horror drama but then with it’s slick and pinpoint metaphors become a greater movie than a regular horror flick.

As we know everyone has different fears, some ghosts might not be scary to others and something, how irrelevant it might seem, might make the person trembling. Everything is in our mind, the scares in the mind are much more powerful than the ghosts. Hence the movie perfectly captures this and makes us think . Let’s explain the ending.

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Relic Movie Plot

The movie revolves around Edna , her daughter Kay , and her daughter Sam . Kay and Sam get a call from Edna’s neighbors that she hasn’t been seen for a few days . Edna and Sam go into the house in the woods and find out that the house is deteriorating and is covered in molds. They witness several notes possibly from Edna which varies from simple reminders such as Take medicine to higher ominous ones such as Don’t follow it.

They inform the police after not being able to find her and thus a search party is sent into the woods . We see that after 3 days of search, Edna suddenly appears into the kitchen and has no memory of her getting lost. She also gets fidgety and annoyed when Sam and Kay bring up the topic. When everything seems to get normal that’s when the abnormal starts to happen .

Relic Movie Ending

After spending few days with Edna . Sam develops a close bond with her . One day she discovers that her neighbor’s son Jamie was once locked by Edna into the closet while playing Hide and Seek. He struggled for hours inside it and made his way out by screaming and clawing. This disturbs Sam . She remembers Edna telling her that the intruder probably found his way through the closet. Sam decides to look into the closet for herself . She discovers that the closet is much bigger from insides and after going in and making several turns she realizes that it is a deteriorating molding Labyrinth. Sam eventually gets lost.

Kay on the other hand witnesses her mother Edna with strange signs on her chest and realizes that Edna is not the same anymore and has turned into some other entity. Kay is chased by the entity throughout the house untill she goes through the closet and reunites with Sam. The two barely make it out alive back into the house and just as Edna is about to attack Sam, Kay hits her with a pipe, leaving her struggling.

They both run out of the house with Sam keen on getting out of the place but then Kay remembers something. She remembers that in her dream she saw her great grandfather and saw what happened to him. She discovers that He was suffering from the same thing which Edna is going through – Dementia , he was abandoned by his family and thus he died alone in the house.

This makes Kay change her mind and thus she locks Sam out of the house and goes to her mother alone in her bedroom. She discovers that Edna’s skin is withering. She peels off everything untill there only remains a black monster inside it. Kay accepts the reality of what her mother has become and lies down with her on the bed and later the two is joined by Sam. Sam then witnesses the same Strange mark on Kay, giving us the idea that Kay might also go through the same.

What Does Relic Means ?

If we look at the whole movie it is a 2-hour long metaphor of the real life. The movie has shown the reality of today’s life which is faced by old people in a different way. Actually it is not very different and is actually the reality of what happens. Let me explain .

The movie has used illness as the horror part . It tells us that the horror in mind is much greater and scarier than any other ghost and in the movie the actual ghost in Dementia . If we relate it to old age, loneliness, Alzheimer’s, etc we might get a clear picture of what the movie is trying to explain. We see that at the end of our life no matter what we have done in our whole life we will end up in the same way and thus throughout the life, the memories we make, we create gets locked up into a closet of our brain deeply and we cannot access it no matter how much we try .

In the case of Edna, after her husband’s death she becomes lonely, her health deteriorates and she becomes old. Slowly and gradually she starts to forget things and her memories start to get pushed back into the closet of her brain. Hence, that closet contains her memories of her young life, the photos , albums, gifts, etc. The things are buried deep inside her mind. Thus when we see Sam looking into the closet she actually is going through the memories of Edna and she eventually gets lost in them. These are the things which her grandmother once lived but now has forgotten completely and is slowly rotting. Thus in the last moments, we see that Edna has finally become a monster with her skin withering away and we see the walls of the closet closing in on Sam.

The movie goes all out in the metaphors of life . What will a person do if he realizes that he is forgetting everything, he’ll try to save his memories and savor it by making albums and keeping them safe? Thus this is what Edna was doing, she started eating her photos and albums so as to prevent them from damaging and losing. What she doesn’t realize is that no matter how much she tries she will always lose her memories one day.

A person is nothing without his/her memories . They become an unwanted person to his family members, people start to look at them as a monster who will make everything rotten with their presence. And thus they start to lose their presence from the reality. And eventually they are dumped by the people they love .

In the final moments of the film, we see that Kay realized what her mother has become and how does she refuted the idea of Kay of sending her into the care home. Edna remembers what happened with her grandfather and she does not want to go the same route. This is realized by Kay later into the movie where she recalls and connects that this is how her great grandfather died because he faced the same thing.

This changes Kay’s mind and she decides to stay with her mother facing the fact that she is not the same anymore but she will always be her mother. And we see Sam noticing that Kay has also gotten the same mark which makes her aware of the fact that everyone will go through the same procedure and thus it is up to the person and the family to take care of their parents and loved ones.

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