Rejctx Season 2 Review :- After season 1 the Rejctx 2 released on Zee5 and I went with the minimum expectation from the series and guess what, it doesn’t disappoint me, the series is just crap! , here we are going to discuss the detailed review of the Zee5’s rejctx season 2.

Rejctx 2 Review

The season 2 of the Rejctx stars Esha Gupta and the same old cast from the season 1, the rejctx 2 is also a crime murder thriller that released on Zee5 on 14th May 2020 , if you don’t want to read the whole review, here is a one-word review of it – It’s A Headache. Spoilers Ahead !!

  • Name Of The Series – Rejctx
  • Season  – 2
  • No. Of Episodes – 5
  • Star Cast – Esha Gupta & More
  • Rating – 1/5
  • Recommended? – No


There is nothing in the story, the story is so badly written that it gives you a headache, the series is based on a college-going gang of students, but there is nothing college-like thing there, after each every 10 minutes there is Sex, Party and nonsense drama, it feels like the story of this college was written by Mastram’s writer.

The story revolves around a group of students from a college, they received a blackmail message from an unknown person named ‘x’ and he asks them to Kill Kiara (the girl from the same college), and the whole series is written on this, the story keeps changing and going back and forward, and its look like a b grade movies, after all this mess happens, in the climax when the scene of reveal on killer came, they end the series, they keep the name and identity of killer hidden, it means there is no benefit is in watching all 30 minutes long episodes.



There is nothing like acting there too, all actors look like immature and no one impresses me with their performances, every perform like local actor and there is no expression on their faces at all. Esha Gupta is not made of these types of roles although she got very little screentime, one of the most talented actors of the series Sumeet Vyas barely gets any screen presence.

Screenplay & Editing


When you try to do something more extra the blunder happens and this the exactly what happens with the series too, in making it more catchy and thrilling the screenwriter makers it lengthy and boring, there is nothing to watch in terms of editing terms of view. The editing of the series is so poor, there is unnecessary bold scenes, songs, and conversations, series can be ended in 30 minutes or even less than that.



We are going to 1 out of 5 stars for the rejctx 2, the series is a headache and not worth your time, there is nothing to watch in it except some bold scenes and immature acting, the makers of the web series really need to learn from series like Panchayat, that there is no need of the bold scenes and big-budget, only a pure sorry can make the series blockbuster.

Rejctx 2 Episodes 6

The episodes 5 ends with a twists and to end this series there should be another season or another episode, we hope that there would be few episodes more, although there is no official announcement yet made by makers or any lead actors.

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